Sunday, July 13, 2008

Deep breath....ahhhhhhhh

Well we made it. In one piece....kind of? We stuffed poor Bessie to the brim...and I'm talking stuffed. My knees were up on my seat because there was no room for my feet below. Diapers were stuffed in the back window....hilarious. I think we lost Brody at one point, but then moved a few bags and there he was! We looked the the Clampits circa 2008 trying to get out of town. I've already had two mommy meltdowns. Now I am a very laid back mom and fun person, but when it comes to my kids and schedules and hanging out with other mom's that look like they have it all together, I freak. FREAK OUT. We are suite mates with a family of 8!!! Yes, you heard me....8...and that is not counting mom and dad. Fortunately they are not all here, just the little ones, but this woman is amazing. She is about 5 foot tall and as skinny as a bean pole. Her kids are well behaved (not robots)fun and potty trained! The oldest is in college and the youngest is 3. Holy cow. I think I will be taking lessons from her this week. If she can do it without maiming a child, than I certainly can handle a week out of my scheduled comfort zone. So many deep breaths, lots of prayers and maybe some sedatives...I think I'll make it.

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