Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did I just pay $4 for syrup?

Oh yes I did. Seriously. $4 for a bottle of Gary's Super Value butter flavored syrup because my kids like syrup on their waffles. Gary, I see no super value here. We need to talk. I'm on a budget and a tight one at that, I cannot pay nearly five bucks for a bottle of pure sugar that will end up all over my children, fridge and everything that comes in contact with. AND it wasn't even cute like good ole Aunt Jemima, don't ya just want to pinch her cheeks....not THOSE cheeks!! While we're on the subject of prices Gary (our local grocery price gauging store if you were wondering) Why do I feel like I've been slapped after I leave your store? Give the pocket book some love please.


Janice said...

While your asking quetions, could you find out why the guy who sweeps the store in the evenings parks ILLEGALLY in the disabled parking? No tag or special plate? I know not many people shop after 9 pm, but still...100.00 fine is ALOT of syrup

Jill said...

I thought of you today. We went to Costco to buy syrup. I got two gigantic bottles for a grand total of $5! I can get you some the next time I'm there! :)