Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Football stars

Lonnie and Baylor playing "football" in the living room with their "football helmets"

...and this is the look I get when I ask him if he wants to wear big boy pants.


...or I'll get you with this abnormally large stick that you happen to have in your living room.

Can you tell the potty training is going that well? Today the pee did not end up in the potty...Nooooo it was in his room on the floor and he was REALLY REALLY excited that he peed. Hey, at least he was thrilled at the aspect of making water in his place of rest. I'm still not sure what to do. Diapers until college for sure.

Must go...smell something burning...ewwwww something is melting in the dishwasher. Ahh, the joys of motherhood....but at least the dishwasher works again.


Janice said...

Hey, I did see the Peter Potty urinal thing in the clearance isle at Walmart! That thing is HILARIOUS!

Janice said...

Wait, he hasnt seen Look Who's Talking Too has he? That talking toilet is SCARY! who wouldnt be afraid of something telling you to "Give me your pee pee!" FREAKY!

Crazy Mom said...

As a complete outsider and total stranger, I feel obligated to say that the "No Big Boy Pants" face is mighty darn cute.

Even if it's causing you to get a few grays!


Kim said...

Just to make sure we haven't led you to believe we've got the potty thing under control over here...Josiah no longer thinks the M&Ms are cool enough to try to use his potty. That lasted for a day.

Crazy Mom said...

Okay, on your bucket list:
1.) Pubs in Ireland serve guiness warmish, but it's okay because it tastes better not pasturized. Best to taste a guiness by touring St. James, and have a Smithwicks at a "real" pub. That's what the locals are drinking anyway...

2.) Tea in England is overrated. I've done it. Better to visit Picadilly circus, or London's Theater district. VERY cool!

3.) There is NO reason to ever run 26 miles or do a full triathlon (did you know the cutoff time for those is like, 8 hours? To swim like, 2 miles, bike a hundred and then run a full marathon? It hurts to even think about it!

4.) I'm totally giving you crap. Maybe I'm slightly jealous, or a lot jealous because I know you could do those things and I'd probably have a heart attack! Good luck with your goals. You go woman!!