Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun haters

That is apparently what we are. No fun, no fun at all. Our kids were in bed at 7:30 and we joined them shortly. I have been patrolling the hallways trying to shush yelling kids playing hide and seek...because by golly my kids are napping and this time is precious! You don't mess with nappy time in the Speidel house, even if we're not in the Speidel house. I will defend this time if if comes down to duct taping children to the wall. Speaking of walls, these walls are thin and the floors are thinner. Last night Baylor proclaimed, "mom, there are elephants upstairs jumping around." No, just a handful of 10 year old boys reenacting scenes from ninja turtles but they SOUND like elephants! Now, I have a repuataion of nap/sleep nazi to uphold here! Insert deep breath here.
It was great this morning though. I dropped the boys off at free childcare and the moms/wives got some much needed adult conversation. I needed some more coffee, the coffee cups were the size of shot glasses and I was tempted to stick my mouth under the nozzle or just park myself right by the coffee machine. Who doesn't love double fisting coffee cups? We do a spouses study and the book we are doing is Lies Women Believe by Nancy Lee DeMoss. It's been on my reading list for a while and I've been putting it off because 1. I don't have time to read (I have to blog you know?!) even though I enjoy a good read 2. Reading is hard for me, I like pictures and I can't sit in one spot and just relax 3. I knew that I was going to learn something from it (and I knew exactly what I was going to learn) and could feel the conviction seeping from the book that had yet to be opened. As we book is staring me in the face, waiting to be opened. I will fill you in on what I learned after I actually start reading the book. I don't have much time before tweedle dee and tweedle dum wake up form their naps and are rip rearing and ready to go. Until next time....


Crazy Mom said...

Come visit me in August. Leave hubby at home to keep bringin' in the big bucks. You can join me, another nap nazi/fun hater for some chocolate fountain and good times. I promise, you'll love it!

NYC Girl said...

All moms should be nap nazi's. That's how I kept me sanity when the kids were little. In fact to this day we have "quiet time" from 1-3pm when we are home. This way the kids have to use their imaginations for two hours.
Who are you doing the book with??
I did it one year with some ladies from church and it is a good book and there are a lot of lies that satan does have us believe. I should pull my copy out and go back over it and see where I'm at now as compared to when I did it years ago.
Trevor would love to do some classes with you in art. Maybe we can figure out a date like Thursdays and I could take the boys/boy to story time so you could have one on one time. Give me a call when you get back.
By the way the decorations for VBS look GREAT!!!!! Everyone thinks you went above and beyond the call of duty!! Great Job :)

Kim said...

Knowing that I would respond the same way to someone messing with my kids naps, try to remember that in a few years YOUR boys will be the elephants stomping around and you'll probably be glad they're getting some energy out (please repeat that to me when I get frustrated with family that messes up nap time).
Speaking of nap time...J cut his short and with P out of town that means no more alone time today...ugh.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I did that study a few years back. It was very good!
I'm sure you're loving it