Sunday, July 27, 2008

Funny farm

Why yes that is a baby kitty Brody is holding upside down and backwards. Just missed the bite he almost took out of the tail. Shhh don't tell Peta.

Here we have smiley and Elvis. Elvis is a miniature horse with one heck of an attitude. Hunka hunka burnin horse poo.
Just hydrating after long hours of screaming at night and keeping mom up. Mom is VERY tired. I am going to blame his ears, but who knows.
Baylor with Grandpa Wilson on the scooter. He's totally white knuckling for dear life. It's okay, so would I.

Just some fun tractor driving. Okay, not really driving (they wouldn't let me after the little crash incident) but either way, sitting in one was fun for all.

1 comment:

Crazy Mom said...

I heart Baylor's face on the Tractor. Totally oblivious to you and Brody, he's like "YESSSSSSS!!!"

A little Pauly Shore-ish in "Son in Law:-)