Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy dance

If I could capture the look on Baylor's face when he finally made it down the slide BY HIMSELF, I would bottle it up and sell it for lots of money. It was the look of sheer determination mixed with thrill and of course pride. He's still talking about it and how he did it by himself. He did a little happy dance at the bottom of the slide "I did it, I did it!" as all the other children waited for him to move out of the way. "Just give him a minute" I exclaimed, "This is his first time" and I watched the little dude dance away. Who would have thought such a small act would make a parent so proud. I thought using the elevator by himself, being able to push the right button and make it down without the alarms going off, was awesome. I can't imagine what I'll be like when he runs his first race or hits his first home run. All the disciplining woes of the day went out the door with his very happy dance. I think I need to take a moment and do a happy dance too!

Today in our group we talked about circumstance. How God uses certain ones to build us, mold us and use us for His glory. How everyone has a different circumstance but in a way they are all very similar. I couldn't help but think how each of these women were very similar but so very alike. Some had many kids, some had only a few. There were wives there that were hurting inside from miscarriages, failing marriages, persecution in their work, sexual abuse and intense sadness. They have been beating themselves up inside and laying on the mother guilt (this guilt much worse than regular guilt, trust me) Even though I may not share all of the their circumstances, we still have many common bonds and the biggest being that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. It's been a rough week and I wish I could have gained more insight from this study and had more time to delve in on my own. My goal is either to find some women to go through this book, and I mean really go through it (no skirting around the issues) or really dive into it on my own no matter how hard it may be. I need a challenge, I need someone to hold me to actually reading. It's hard for me to do when I don't have an "assignment," even then, I like to put it off. Satan has been at work this week trying to throw me off my game, and he did a pretty good job, but in the end Jesus wins. I learned some very valuable nuggets that I will treasure forever and hopefully put to good use. Sorry for being so negative in the last post, I really to treasure the comments, suggestions and prayers from everyone.

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