Saturday, July 12, 2008

Have boys, will travel

Of course this is not my son jumping off of a mattress in the living room...we would NEVER do anything that crazy or unsafe....

All packaged up and ready to be mailed to Abu Daubi.......

...and I'm talking about all THREE of my boys. Today's mission is to try to fit

a week's worth of living including bedding, into a small Corolla...Bessie. Bessie, my lovely little hunk of metal, does not have the trunk space for all of the gear that comes along with having kids. Seriously!? Where does all of this stuff come from? Back to the being prepared for bet I am. (Insert Lonnie eye roll here) We have laid everything out and have a battle plan as soon as the kiddos are in bed, we will stuff, smush, squish, pack, you name get everything in that car....with room for the kids. Wish us luck. We will prevail.....just say no to minivans.

We're trying to teach Baylor the importance of honesty and I think he is grasping the concept a little too well. We were all getting ready for bed in our room and I was changing (yes, in front of my kid, if he is curious he'll ask and I'll tell him. I'd rather him find out what they are from me than Susie Q. Besides that is another issue that I'm sure will be touched upon in later posts) was being exchanged for P.J's and Baylor turns to me and says,

"Mommy, you have boobies."

Why yes son, so does your dad.

"Mommy, you have SMALL boobies."

Lonnie is dying laughing on the floor. I am stunned and not sure how to react. I guess he was being honest....and do you know why the resemble pancakes my son BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! Since I decided to be a breastuarant for your hungry little hiney, the end result is "Small boobies." THANKS.

Thought you might all enjoy a little laugh on me. Laugh it up. I know you are.

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Jill said...

I am laughing, but not at you, I promise. You crack me up. Can't wait to read about whether or not you were able to get all of your stuff in your car!