Friday, July 18, 2008

He'd better be a track star...

Oh yea, here is the little booger now with his "clown smile" drawn with permanent marker.

...because he certainly runs like one now, and when I say RUN I mean in AWAY from me. I'm not talking a few feet away, I'm talking about a full sprint (and with mighty good form I might add) as far as his little legs can take him. So pretty far. We've had quite the week with this little speed demon. He's been quite the naughty little man, but we'll give him the benefit of the doubt and blame it on lack of sleep and being away from home.
Speaking of home, it's great to be!! I love home. I love my home. I love loving my home. I missed my dogs (Shhh don't tell anyone) We had lots of dog hair, mail and long grass waiting for us. We actually slipped away before everyone left 1. because I hate saying goodbye and 2. Baylor was melting down fast. A good night sleep and familiarity will do us all good.

.....and this is how we wash our children when they don't have bathtubs.

My fellow band family member Rick, went to be with Jesus this week. He fought so hard and was always in good spirits. Cancer doesn't pick and choose and it rips families apart. Pray for his wife, raising three young children without a father. He's in better hands now.

(p.s NO wrong spellings! Booya)

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