Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Baylor: Hi-low, this is Baylor
Me: Baylor, why did you answer the phone? Where is your dad?
Baylor: Ummm, I'm being naughty today. I'm eating strawberries and I bit my brother on his head. I have a back-hoe it's right here. (yea, I can really see where you're pointing)
Me: Baylor, I need to talk to daddy, can you give him the phone?
Baylor: I have small boobies. My mom is doing dishes today. (seriously kid, is that all you think I do?) Ummm, Who is this?
Me: (trying to contain laughing) Baylor, can I talk to Daddy?
Baylor: Who is this?
Me: It's your mom
Baylor: No it's not.
Lonnie: Hello!? Sorry, Baylor decided to answer the phone....

Hello ADD phone conversation!!! Yes, Baylor has decided he is old enough to carry on a phone conversation and answer the phone. Luckily, his first phone answering experience happened to be with his mother (whom he didn't recognize) and it was mighty hilarious. Apparently he has decided that talking about his boobies to a perfect "stranger" is acceptable. We'll be having a chat later. Baylor has been on a roll. Last night we had some friends on our porch and were carrying on a nice conversation. I had a big full glass of iced tea in my hand and Baylor was playing in the living room...or so I thought. All of a sudden, out of the blue.....BAM! The little dude bit me in the butt!!!! I'm not talking about a nice little nibble, this kid drew blood and left teeth marks. What possessed him to munch on my hiney, I'm not sure. I was so started that I threw my arms up in the air and so went the iced tea all over the dude sitting to my left. I'm writhing in pain, our friend is covered in tea and Baylor is sprinting towards the kitchen hold his rear...that's right kid, you'd better run. For his final act of deviance, we were at the pool. He decided that my clean, dry short and clean, dry towel needed to be thrown into the pool. I had warned him that if he misbehaved we would leave the pool, and as much as I wanted to stay and soak up the sun, I gathered our things and made him carry my wet towel all the way home. I know, what a mean mom I am. I just hate it when mom's discipline their kids by saying, "stop, that or we'll go home..." and then they do it again and they don't do anything but sit on their hiney. I had to follow through to get my point across, and I think I did.
We leave for FCA camp (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) on Sunday and we're gone until Friday. This is the fourth year we've gone, skipping last year because I was dilated and was not allowed to leave. We have a blast, there are child programs, coaches huddles, wives bible studies and the food is awesome. The only hard part for me, the nap Nazi, is being thrown off our schedule. Brody will probably miss his morning siesta and therefor be overtired for his afternoon one and then take a very short one and be cranky and then wake up a lot at night...and so on and so forth. Believe me, I have this all figured out. So I'm trying to take it in stride, bite the bullet, enjoy the free food and childcare and just plain suck it up. BUT let me tell you it's eating me up. I thrive off of routine and schedules and having someone else plan my day drives me bonkers. Deep breath....deep breath. It will all be okay.


Kim said...

As a fellow nap nazi, I feel your pain. We were late getting out of the nursing group this morning and the whole way home I'm obsessing about how Grace will be woken up at the wrong time and Josiah will fall asleep on the ride home, which will mean no afternoon nap which means we'll all turn into blobs of cranky goo by the time Philip gets home...of course none of this happened, but I still stressed about it.

Crazy Mom said...

Ummm...that outfit Brody has on looks mysteriously almost like a Cubbie uni...

Come to the darkside Baylor and Brody...Jen in Chicago will teach you the wise ways of the Northsiders.