Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I wanted a smile mom

So today at the children's program they had some clowns come for the kids. Three of the kids were freaked out and will be scarred for life, but the rest of them (including Baylor) loved them. He got to make a cute little paper hat with poofy things and ribbon that Brody proceeded to eat within seconds of completion. One of the clowns had face paint on and a big smile and he got pretty attached. We got back to the room and I was trying to change Brody's diaper and left Baylor in the other room playing with his trains...or so I thought. I come out to laughter and Baylor drawing a "smile" ALL over his face just like the clown...with black permanent marker. So 1. I laughed, it was hilarious 2. Got the camera, for a quick photo shoot 3. quickly scrubbed the marker off with dish soap and water....and it actually came off his face. I'll post the photo when I get home because he's so darn cute. He's also so darn crabby...and so am I so it's off to bed for me...and yes, it's 8pm.

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Janice said...

That is so sweet! Gabi tried that once, only she had given herself tatoos, nice. Everyone loves a tatooed 2 year old right? I am sure she got the idea after seeing my brother in laws bajillion tatoos a few days before. Hope you are haveing a great time!