Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's shower time

Ummmm, little Bro...people have to use that whipped cream.

Me and the little Bro...and by little, I mean age not size.

Giving Papa K a love squeeze.

My son (yes, he's mine even though he looks nothing like m!) and my bad hair.

What more could you want on a hot day? Face first through cold water.

...and then drinking it.

Feeding himself and loving every second.

Berkley and me...sweating...dripping...ewwwww in the heat today. Oh so bad hair day! We spent the day "scooping" ice cream in the nice air conditioning house...oh, you need more ice cream? Oh, let me!!!

Keri: 1
Spellcheck: 0 Ha! take that!!!

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