Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just smear some pudding on it

I just thought I would enlighten you all on this hilarity that made my day today.

My nearly three year old decided that vanilla pudding wasn't for eating anymore. Instead, he smeared it all over his body from head to toe....just because. No photo, just a great mental picture.

How's that for a smile. I dare you do try it.


SEG said...

Hi Keri! I found you on a blogroll on Andrea's blog. How did you get that fancy format? Nice!!

I have a blog too- it's set to private- if you're interested in reading about the opposite of your life (life with two girls!) just email me. grimesfam@gmail.com Though my girls are still ornery and wild so it isn't too different! :)

Shadley Grimes

Kim said...

Keri...go check your facebook account. I'm sending you some info on a garage sale.