Friday, July 25, 2008

Old dudes in spandex

That got your attention didn't it? That is what I looked out my front porch this morning and saw. Well....some old dudes, some young dudes, some chicks and little kids. Anyways, RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) headed through out town this morning and it was crazy. About 5,000 bike riders and all of their gear stopping to see our great metropolis of Lisbon and eat a steak burger at 9 in the morning. Got to get your protein somehow. They travel about 60-80 miles a day and today's loop was North Liberty through Mt.Vernon, Lisbon, Mechanicsville and ending up in Tipton. Some people travel from all over the country, others are from Iowa. I hear there is lots of beer drinking and craziness that goes on...but that's what you get when you put people in spandex dontcha know? Wow, that was really South Dakotan wasn't it? Baylor was more thrilled that there were four large John Deere tractors parked along the road, than the thousands of bikes. He has developed a nice cheesy smile for the camera and here he is showing it off.

Oh look. Nekkid boys. It's been a while since you've seen their tushies. How cute they are...all tanned and such. Well, their tushies aren't tanned, more like their backs. I do use sunblock by the way. Just wanted to point that out for all of your crazy people that are looking at these photos going, "Dear gracious me oh my, look at that tan line...I'll bet she didn't put any sunblock on those poor children." Well, I did.

And for the final mugshot of the day. Brody man is learning how to be polite and offer me some brownie batter....what's left of it anyways, most of it ended up on his face. "dear gracious, heavens to she feeding that boy chocolate at such a young age?" Ummm, yes. He's fine. A little crazy, but fine. If he's going to share in the addiction like his mother, he has to start at a young age. There's nothing better for growing children than browning batter. Speaking of crazy. This youngin has decided to go through another round of screaming in the night. Can't say that I'm to thrilled about it either. In fact, I'm just plain mad. He screams at the top of his lungs and so I end up getting him for fear that I will have TWO screaming children. Turns out he just wants to snuggle. Isn't it nice to feel loved? I sure do love him, but I sure do love him sleeping through the night. I need my beauty sleep son.

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