Monday, July 21, 2008

Picked green tomatoes

Yup. You guessed it. It was only a matter of time before Baylor discovered my green tomatoes waiting to ripen on the vine.
MOOOOOM, Look what I found!!!!
We have since then had a long conversation about not picking my green tomatoes. A long conversation over some milk and cookies with the pankin poon not far from sight. We'll see how long his sticky little fingers can stay out of my garden. Speaking of garden.....something has taken over the back garden. Actually, I kind of know what it might be....squash...or gourds...or pumpkins...not quite sure, but it's taking over the entire back yard. I guess it's a positive in that we won't have to mow there anymore....and we won't have to buy our pumpkins this year.

Okay movies. I haven't seen a movie in a theatre in over a year (yes, I know...sad) and there are a few reasons behind this absolute absurdity. 1. Movie tickets are mighty pricey and add popcorn (with lots of butter of course) and you have to take out a small loan 2. Too long, I have ADD and can't sit through movies anymore 3. Babysitter woes 4. I crave adult conversation and you can't talk in a movie. I do however want to see the new Batman. Huge Batman fan (who is the best Batman?...Val, Michael, Christian?) actually a huge Christian Bale fan as well, but that is beside the point. Batman begins was awesome and had a great soundtrack as well. So that might be have to be our next date night......and my once a year movie.

I was also informed by my lovely husband, that I needed to proof read my blog before I published. Apparently I was getting a little to excited about the spell check coming back with no missed words....except it doesn't pick up when you want to say not instead of no. I believe we've had this conversation before...I don't spell, I don't proof read...I draw...and paint...and make things.....But for the sake of my marriage and English teacher, I will try to be a better proof reader.


Crazy Mom said...

I was an English minor, I think you're fine with the whole proofreading thing. Really.

Make some Fried Green tomatoes. They are SOOOO good. YUMMY!

I take the kids to see free kids movies at the local theater...does that count as going to a movie? Maybe...since there IS popcorn involved....


Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

I think the new Batman movie was better than the first. Christian Bale hands down is the best Batman. George Clooney was the worst. I hope you get to see it sometime.
We have to thank Ben's job as an assistant principal to getting a nice pick of babysitters.
As much as I love quality time, I tell hubbie to leave the talk for before and after the movie. No talking while Christian Bale is on screen!