Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Potty boot camp: Day 2

Slightly confused at the fact that this child will be very excitedly outside on the grass or on a tree or in a potted plant.....BUT NOT IN POTTY!? Should I take the potty outside? I'll take what I can get though. Every little step helps. We had the big boy pants on from the moment he woke up and he actually said, "okay" when I asked him to put them on (that's a big step) No accidents, but no peeing in the potty. He did ask to put a diaper back on...simply because he knows he can poo in the diaper and it's more convenient for him. Not gonna happen dude. He also had a friend over this morning and they both decided to strip naked (big surprise there) and one was on the potty chair the other was on the real toilet. The both insisted on reading magazines while they "tried".....hilarious. Even funnier was the fact that they both grabbed Country Home and were reading them upside down. I now understand when mom's say that potty training was the hardest thing they had to do with their child, aside from the fact of birthing a small pot roast.

Tonight my mom is taking me shopping for Brody's birthday which is on Sunday. Seeing as the little dude is only one, he really won't remember anything we get him. So really it's a shopping trip for me :) I did ask for a new pair of shoes and a few new outfits. The poor kid doesn't own anything that isn't from Goodwill, his brother or a garage sale. It doesn't really matter since he gets everything very dirty, but it might be nice to have a few outfits that don't have grass stains, poo stains or strained squash stains somewhere on them. I am also going to make him a cake...yes, a real cake...made with REAL SUGAR (the white poison) and real frosting....gasp! I am also going to strip him down and let him dig in like there's no tomorrow. I might even let him roll in it if he wants. Heck, I might even roll in it. You're only one once.

So this week I've tried desperately to ban the dogs from the rest of the house and barricaded them in the kitchen. It worked for a day and then Chloe got smart. She has proceeded to break the baby gate and jump over any obstacle (exersacuer, chairs, my cornet case, brooms, Baylor) to escape into the rest of the house. I spent all day Monday de-hairing the house because I am just plain sick of dog hair. It is everywhere....you find it in strange places...food....toothbrush...butt cracks (seriously) I would rather spend time playing with my kiddos rather than raking hair from the couch. I still love them, but they have been banished....I just need a new form of entrapment.

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Kim said...

Ummm, I'm hoping you're finding it in the boys butt cracks...I don't want to know if it's in someone else's!