Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vat of potatoes.

If you know me, you know that I have a few weaknesses in the form of food (but c'mon, who doesn't) one being chocolate of course, two is coffee and three is potatoes in any shape or form. Today I missed lunch because I was trying to feed two hungry mongers that invaded my kitchen. They enjoyed a marvelous meal of angel hair pasta with sauce, fresh fruit and of course cottage cheese (which seems to be a staple at each meal now) So after putting them down for naps I finally had time to realize that I was starving and there was no chocolate in the house AT ALL. In fact, since it's the end of the month, finding something in the form of food rather than condiments is rare. This is always a great time to clean the fridge. Anyways, I peered into the bare pantry and decided that raisin bran, stewed tomatoes, ramen noodles or beef bullion cubes were not really what I had in mind. But alas, there it sat...hidden in the corner of the pantry staring at me like a sad puppy. Instant potatoes baby. They called out to me, "come eat us, make your butt even bigger...hooray for carbs!" And I responded with. Heck yea. So as I sit here enlightening you with words of wisdom and wit, I am seriously eating a vat of instant mashed potatoes with absolutely no nutritional value what so ever. Woo hoo.
Today is a nasty day, bad hair day and sweat trickle down the back of your legs when you sit down day. The punks and I enjoyed some sand box and wading pool fun this morning. We also decided that Popsicles were no use just sitting in the freezer and made sure we put them to good use. Brody is also not walking anymore...he's running. Crawling is now in the past and this kid is just like his brother who was sprinting within a week of taking his first steps. Speaking of Brody and his cute little tushie. I'm planning a nice family celebration on Sunday for his first birthday.

Lonnie and I had a "couch date" last night. We put the kids in bed and checked out Juno from the library. It was hilarious. Soundtrack was a bit on the strange side, but the humor was perfect. Of course there is the whole moral issues thing, but aside from the premarital sex and impregnation, it rocked. Tomorrow I will actually leave the a car...for the first time in about a week ( I kid you not) We'll see if I can remember how to drive it's been so long. We have a very romantic morning planned. Kid free grocery shopping at Wally world and a few garages sales on the side. I know, hold on to your britches, it's just oozing with mush.


Crazy Mom said...

The Juno soundtrack is actually really good. If I could ever figure out how to put it on disk off my ipod I'd make you a copy. I'm kinda stoopid like that.

Laura Omundson said...

Ker. I really want to see that movie. I hope you guys' day went well. How much of that book can you handle in a week?