Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Baylor

I know, I's only Saturday night, but I officially went into labor today at noon, three years ago and Baylor Michael Speidel was born on August 31, 2005....after long hours of labor and a hoover vacuum. By no means was his labor easy, in fact, it was plain horrible..but totally worth all of the pain and suffering. He weighted 7lb 2oz and was TWO WEEKS OVERDUE. I delivered at University of Iowa Hospitals and since it's a "teaching" hospital, there were about 14 people not including my family in the delivery room. I'm pretty sure they all got a nice shot of the netherparts which was not warranted at all. It was a rough beginning for the little dude, since they used the vacuum to get him out, he had a hard time learning how to suck which made breastfeeding mighty difficult. I stuck with it even though it's not like they tell you, "oh, it's delightful and it won't hurt if they latch on correctly" Ummm, yes it does. Much pain. All of that aside, we fell in love with the little dude from the moment we laid eyes on him. I still can't believe he's going to be three. He has sure given us a run for our money and come through on all aspects of the "firstborn" syndrome (hard headed, stubborned, mind of his own, creative) BUT he has so many amazing qualities that outweigh the punk. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him and he is a lover. He loves to cuddle, "snug" and give big sloppy smooches. He is so inquisitive and observant of everything around him and soaks everything up like a little sponge. He's all boy and I love it! Loves getting dirty, playing in the sand, mud, dirt and rocks but also loves reading and getting clean after his adventures in the wild. He loves music, sports and pretty much anything that moves such as trains, planes and automobiles.
It's been a wild and crazy three years, but God has blessed us with the most amazing little boy. Three years, only one trip to the ER and lots of love.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Flashback Friday: Baylor turns three!

One of my favorite photos of all time. Lonnie's first gaze on his newborn son.

First week home from the hospital. I look like I know what I'm doing but inside I'm having a panic attack...where did I put that manual?!!!

All nice and pretty and comfortable and swollen....just wait 24+ hours of labor to go....woo hoo!

Here is the cute little dude himself. Most newborns are slightly alien, but he actually looks like a baby.

Ummm, nurse? How do you hook this car seat up?

Ah, love at first sight and smell. Got to love new baby ranks right up there above new car smell. They should create a car air freshener that hangs on your mirror "new baby" I'd buy it.

Sporting the Hawkeye gear and I do believe he has a small smile on his face. I'd be smiling too!

Well...on Sunday, but who knows what crazy poo flinging adventures this weekend might bring! I may be cleaning poo off the wall or books or comforters :) So I thought I'd enlighten you with some photos from three years ago...holy cow, he's three already!? Where has the time gone? This once tiny alien who came into the world after long LONG hours of labor is growing up into a cute little boy...a cute little poo flinger. He is sitting on my lap right now looking at the photos with me. "mom, that's me when I was borned?" "was I small?" "I was cute?" Yes, yes and only when you weren't crying.
I looked calm, I pulled off the "sure, I know what I'm doing" act for a little bit and then I could fool no one any longer. What a difference three years can make. He's still alive, he's ALMOST potty trained (minus a few poo flinging episodes) and he is amazing and I love him more than anything!

Stay tuned for more on the birthday boy saga: episode three........

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baylor Speidel: Poo Flinger

The story you are about to hear is completely true. The names and faces have not been changed to protect the innocent....because they are far from innocent. You may want to turn away and run if you have a weak stomach.

Setting: Our bedroom, nap time on Wednesday. My mistake: I forgot to put a pull-up on Baylor while he napped and then threatened him not to leave the room until I came and got him. There my friends, is my first mistake. TWO hours later....very thrilled that he actually made it through the nap without coming out of the room. I go up stairs to get him, open the door and....

"Where are your underpants?"

(I get the deer in headlight stare)

"What is that smell.....uhhhh"


Let me paint a little visual picture for you, as unpleasant as it is going to be. Baylor had apparently peed in his underwear and so he took it upon himself to remove them before his nap. Naked bum in bed=very very bad. I'm not sure when or how but when I opened the door all I could see was naked bum in the air and POO EVERYWHERE......and by everywhere I mean duvet cover, comforter, pillows, pillowcases, blankets, sheets, stuffed animals, book and wall..yes, wall. I'm not quite sure how you get poo inside of a book, but it's possible folks.

"mom, there was something scratch in my butt!" says little poo flinger.
(oh yea, it's called poop and you're supposed to DO IT IN THE TOILET and by no means smear it on every object in sight) So I spent the greater part of the afternoon trying to get poo out of everything. We're going to need new sheets, so I'll be taking up a collection soon.

Wait, the poo adventure continues.

I had to take the comforter to the laundry mat because it's was too big to fit in our washing machine so I decided to take Baylor with me to "help" me with the mess he had created. We had some time to kill so I took him to a little park while the comforter washed. We were having fun when I look over and he's silent (red flag and screaming alarm goes off: This means pooing in pants) I run over to him and I see pee running down his legs and he grunts, "I just pooped mom."

Dear Lord, what did I do to deserve this bowel movement torture?!!!

All I had in the diaper bag were a pair of underwear and luckily I had a plastic bag in the car. I was not even going to try to salvage these pants, there was no turning back. We had a long long talk about pooping and peeing in the toilet and how he was a big boy now and needed to tell me if he had to go. I've heard stories of digressing in potty training, and I guess we're having one of those moments.

So yesterday I spent waaaay too much time cleaning up poop. But someone has to do it!!! I guess that was the part of the mommy contract I didn't read before I signed the dotted line :)

I hope all of your days went far better than mine!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Must. Change. Attitude.

That's right Brody, tell them how it is.

I found this in a magazine and posted it smack dab on my fridge for a nice wake up call everytime I gaze into the abyss of the unknown...aka my fridge. That is totally what I was like as a kid and now my mother just laughs when I tell her what Baylor has been up to. Everyone needs a little attitude adjustment once in a while.

I am a huge fan of FWC...fridges with character. I love having photos, recipes, bible verses, artwork, really ugly magnets, up on my fridge. It makes me feel at home and gives our fridge character. Fridges need character, just like houses. Mine has a lot.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on how to keep Baylor in the room, I especially like the one about duct taping his feet to the bed...just kidding, nobody said that, but the thought has crossed my mind. You see, here lies my problem. Two bedroom house....both boys nap at the same time and Brody's crib is in the boys' room....therefor Baylor has to sleep in our room which by no stretch of the imagination is kid friendly. So today, I piled books, stuffed animals, some NyQuil..ha ha and blankets all around him. I then threatened him within in inch of his life that he'd better stay up there or the spankin spoon would come a knockin on his hiney. I could see by the fear in his eyes, that he understood....okay, he wasn't freaked out, but he got the point and he still loves me. He was so exhausted last night (I knew this would happen) that he cried a half hour at bedtime and then woke up at midnight mumbling and crying for his daddy. Daddy of course is a SUCKER and slept with him the rest of the night. Hopefully tonight will be different. What is it with my children and sleep, we may never know.
Why look who it is. Baylor's latest OBSESSION. He sleeps with them, eats with them, goes pee with them and takes them just about everywhere. Who knew hunks of metal could make someone so happy. I think they're a little creepy to be honest. They're faces always seem to be watching me.....what are you smirking about Edward?!
Some of my fresh pico de gallo...yummy. For lunch today that is all I ate...and an entire tomato. Got to love fresh summer foods from the garden.
Here is the birthday box that Baylor got from the grandparents. A box of toys for Baylor and a box to play with with hours upon hours of entertainment for Brody. It's a win win situation.
Here is the spectacular CARDINALS towel that he got (Brody has a matching one) He kind of looks like a hobbit though. The best team as always.....okay, so maybe not this year, but every other year. Go Cards!!
One of my organizational secrets. I painted one wall in my kitchen hallway with blackboard paint and it serves as our family calendar. It was the only way I could get anything big enough that Lonnie would actually look at it and write things down. If it's not on the calendar all hell breaks loose! If you put magnetic paint underneath the blackboard paint you can magically have a magnetic blackboard...woo hoo, I wish I would have thought of that earlier.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The nap refusal

Dude. Not cool. My almost three year old is refusing to nap.....while yawning and telling me that he is NOT tired. He has also decided that he can get out of bed and come downstairs and entertain me. UGH. What happened to my one hour at the most of peace and quiet. The one hour where Brody naps and Baylor naps and I can hear myself think. I can sit on the porch and read or eat ice cream or get laundry, dishes or anything that needs to be done done!!! The hour where I could actually do adult things like blog or make art!!! Ahhhhhh I can't give that up yet!!! I can't even get him to stay in bed and have "quiet" time. I do believe he's growing up. I did bribe him to watch Chicken Little and told him mom is going to do mom things and he needs to have quiet time. Is that bad parenting? Having him watch a DVD while I do mom things? I think we all deserve a little mom time. I'm still going to put up a fight with this one, he is not going to win yet.

We went to the park today to enjoy another day of glorious weather. We packed a lunch and played with daddy until we had to drop him back off at work. I was hoping that would wear at least one child out, but my hopes were smushed. I guess it's early bedtime for all of us!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the day, even if you don't get an hour to yourself :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday box for fever man

Mysterious fever still plagues Baylor man. He seems to be okay in every other aspect because I've asked him about a million times if anything else hurts (this is the plus side of having a VERY vocal three year old with a wonderful vocabulary) He did have a little bout with diarrhea but I will spare you the details, there has been far too many posts about poo and for that I apologize. He has a reddish patch on his cheek (just one) that makes me think fifths disease (very common in kids, a virus that makes their cheeks red and lasts a long time) but it seemed to be fading. Who knows, he's in pretty good spirits especially since he got his "birthday box" from Grandma Lila and Papa Mike today. I tried my hardest to sneak the box in the house so I could go through it and get the real presents out and save them for his birthday, but he totally busted me and demanded we open it right then and there. He was stoked when he saw the Thomas train thingy (not quite sure what it is yet, but I'll figure it out) Lightening McQueen books and of course a pure stroke of genius on the grandparents part...a bag of rocks and shells. I kid you not, the kid love rocks and he whisked them away to play with them on the front porch. Thus putting my previous theory of screw present buy boxes, rocks and sticks and your kids will be happy into practice. Thanks Mike and Lila, you rock. My mom and I went birthday shopping on Saturday after Lonnie got home from a long practice. I got a "don't go overboard" look before I got in the car, but of course ignored it. Good thing we're on a tight budget, I love buying present for people and especially those named Baylor, Brody and Lonnie. I think the sick little dude will make out just fine on his birthday on Sunday. My mom and I are going to attempt to make a train cake with a hopper and coal car. Yes, I know all the train lingo now.

Today is glorious. It's pretty much a perfect weather day. I have the window's open and a fan on and there is NO humidity, a slight breeze and it's about 75 degrees. Perfect. I opened the bedroom window and five seconds later I hear..."mom, help!" and see Baylor kicking the screen out of the window and trying to get on the roof!!! Why? He saw me do it the other day when I was cleaning the gutters, since we don't own a ladder, this seemed the most efficient way rather than scaling the wall. Monkey see, monkey do. Just add that to the list of "things that almost killed my child" Other things on that list include: licking outlets, climbing tree in electrical storm and leaving the gate unlocked.


Favorite activity: taking everyones shoes and hiding them in random very hard to find places. Talking in his own little language and running like the wind, yes running.
Favorite foods: still cheese and "ca ca" crackers and more cheese in any form. He also loves grapes but those are scary diapers to change.
Favorite Toys: Baylor's books, anything Baylor has in his hands, blocks
Favorite clothing: none, thank you.

Activity: playing trains, watching trains, talking about trains, reading about trains and beating up on Brody.
Foods: Ummmmm, good question. He won't eat anything we put in front of him.
Toys: duh, Thomas the Train trains (take along kind) and rocks
Clothing: hey, it's my kids were talking about, never a dull moment and ALWAYS nekkid!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Death by Poo

Poo disclaimer: Do not read this post if you have just eaten, don't wish to read about kids BM's or have a weak stomach for grossness.

Who would have thunk that two small children were capable of producing so much poo....and within the time frame of 10 minutes....and 2 minutes before I had to walk out the door.....clean. So I put Brody in the tub to clean him up after his episode with applesauce meets hair and apparently the warm water relaxed him and his bowels. I turned around to him poking at floating tootsie rolls with raisins....eww gross, so sorry. Then....about five minutes later, after I had finished cleaning Brody up, sanitizing the tub and changing my shirt (I was on my way out the door for band) Baylor comes running up the stairs...nekkid...with poo from his butt to his ankles. He did make it to the bathroom the first round (he said he was going to "poop like daddy does" which could be mighty scary) but there was more where that came from. I threw him in the freshly sanitized bathtub and gave him a quick de-terding and bath. He had left a little trail from the kitchen, up the stairs into the bathroom. THEN to top it off, he thought he would be useful (like Thomas the Train of course) and wash his underwear the toilet water. MMmmm baby. It ended well though. Both kids got in their P.J's, cleaned, bath sanitized and toilet flood waters cleaner AND I made it out the door in time for band.

Baylor woke up this morning pale as a sheet and refused breakfast. He just laid on the couch and when I went to check on him, he was hot with a fever. He seems to be okay, no other symptoms yet but we drugged him up and he is taking a nap (fingers crossed) We did have a date night planned for tonight, but that will have to wait. We were going to a movie and Goodwill (I know, fun combo huh?) I was promised some "new" jeans because all of mine are too big....which I guess is a good thing. Cross country has started for Lonnie so I won't see him until June. People always think coaches have it easy, but he is gone almost every weekend for a meet, recruiting or visit days. He keeps strange office hours and has to do recruiting calls at night from home (which he despises) He is such a hard worker and very humble about it too.


Why here is the little monkey himself. One week old and looking mighty cute.
Baylor at 13 months. Nutrition is our #1 priority you see....that is why he is licking cake batter from a spoon. Kid's grow too fast, let them enjoy life!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bring it on little man, bring it on

I was just sitting on the floor this morning watching them play...yes, play together. There was no hitting and punching or biting (at least for the time being) and they were within inches of each other and no bodily harm was done. Could this be a miracle of God? A sovereign act of holiness from the Almighty? Yes, I think it could quite possibly be.

...and then WHAM!

Punches flew. Brody was down...but wait....he started fighting back.

I'm not really an advocate of violence but in this instance I was fighting for the underdog.

GO BRODY GO. Kick his butt!!!

If you could see all the stinky little things his big brother has done to him including eyeball poking, arm biting, food slinging and sand throwing, you'd be a Brody cheerleader too. I knew this day would come where Brody could take no more pain and suffering and would try his darndest to beat upon his older brother. I guess I didn't think it would be so soon. Seeing a one year old try to bite a three year old had to be one of the most amusing things I've seen in a while. Go Brody go.

Speaking of miracles. Baylor slept until eight this morning and Brody slept until NINE!!!!! Holy cow folks, this is a BIG record. I think they're recovering from all of the lost sleep on the trip, but I will take this any day. I actually got up before them, made coffee, read my bible and ate a little oatmeal IN PEACE and QUIET. Today is a good day!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He's a maniac, maniac on the dance floor (or in his carseat)

Baylor decides he wants to dance and this man doesn't need a dance floor. All he needs is music and the flailing begins. Whatever floats your boad little man.

The trip breakdown

Whew! What day is it? What time is it? Where are my children? Things are starting to get back to "normal" (if you can call it that) around here. The piles of laundry and diminishing, the clothes are slowly getting put away and we're trying to get back on our daily schedule. We had a great time on our trip, minus the long drive.

Day one: We left Wednesday and drove to Kadoka, South Dakota in just over 11 hours....I think, it's all a blur. The drive was amazingly beautiful and it made me want to go rent Dances with Wolves and watch it. Instead, I stuck in the soundtrack and made my family listen to it while we headed through the rolling hills. We got to the hotel very late and were greeted by scary cowboys with very little teeth, dental hygiene was not their top priority, but they were very friendly and kind. The boys were WIRED from being in the car all day and ran around the room like wild banshees. Day two: took scenic route through the Badlands which were also amazing. God does great work doesn't he? We decided to bypass Mt. Rushmore and ate lunch in Sturgis...yea, that's right the big motorcycle rally town. Fortunately for us the rally took place last week, but a few bikers were still lingering. I wanted to stop at the bar where you staple your bra to the ceiling, but not the most kid friendly atmosphere eh? So there was no bra stapling, just Subway and back on the road. Through Wyoming, which is where I want to live when I was amazing. Big beautiful mountains and lakes and just beauty all around. Now you might be thinking that the boys would be taking nice naps in a quiet vibrating relaxing car...ummm, not my kids. The longest nap in the car the ENTIRE ride was probably 45 max from Brody and 1 hour for Baylor...and of course, never at the same time. It was a whole heck of a lot of entertaining with anything you could possibly imagine. I was begging Lonnie to drive just so I could have a break from being backseat entertainer. We hit Billings and took a big break at the mall and then a park for dinner, hoping to release some energy. Got into Valier, Montana at 11pm and crashed. We stayed with Bri's parents in their gorgeous house. They had a fully furnished apartment above their garage and it was absolutely perfect! They stocked the fridge for us and even had toys for the boys. We could do laundry and we had the most amazing view from our window of the mountains and the lake. Day three: Friday was rehearsal day and we spend lots of the day.....okay, so I didn't help very much because I was watching children....THEY spent most of the day setting up at the Stone School Inn (bed and breakfast) just a field away....seriously like 100 yards. The lady that owned it was pretty much clinically insane and very unhappy, but that's another story. We lost Baylor for about 15 minutes and found him hiding in the bushes because he thought the neighbor was going to run him over with the lawn mower. I was so scared and so was he, I don't think he'll run off least for another few weeks. In case you were wondering about potty training on a long sucked big time. We had to put pull-ups back on him in the car because he forgot to tell us about 26 times and we were running out of big boy pants. We're back to big boy pants here at home though, so it wasn't too bad. Okay...rehearsal dinner...mmmmm steak.....hadn't had a nice piece of meat for a very long time. Yea protein. Day Four: Wedding day. Lots of photos. Cranky children. Tons of fun. Total bribery for Baylor with trains for him to walk down isle without meltdown. LONG day. Day 5-6: Driving...lots of driving. Stayed in Spearfish, South Dakota and then home at 11pm...ugh. Boys VERY tired. Parents VERY tired. Poor Lonnie started cross country early practices at 6:30am. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, lots of driving but lots of memories. I have lots of funny stories, but if I don't blog about them right away...they are a distant memory...kind of like what I had for breakfast...momnesia!!!

Back to reality and back to the daily grind.

Oh yes, how could I forget. My AWESOME dog sitters (Miss Shannon and company) not only watched our dogs, but fixed our door, fixed our locks, cleaned, made us cookies and sign AND mowed the lawn. I'm pretty sure they secured their spot as dog sitters for eternity. You guys are amazing!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Montana or bust (trip photos)

My love.

Brody man and Grandma K lookin mighty cool.
Brody and his first dance....ever, with Zoe the flower girl.

The mountain sunsets were beautiful and the reception was perfect. Here are the boys dancing together....okay, maybe not dancing probably pre-shove.
Kort and his beautiful bride Bria or Bwee or Brianna or Bri....Aunt Bria is our choice :)
Kort, Brody man and mama.
Mother and son dance.
Bride and groom's first dance and Baylor and Zoe stealing a dance too!

Daddy and the boys after the wedding and enjoying the juice box we promised him. Trust me, this wedding was full of lots of bribery on our part.
My Grandma M.E and Grandpa Allen. They flew up for the wedding.
Zoe pleading with Baylor to dance...and Baylor, just being Baylor.
Finally! She got him to bust a move.

The wedding party...minus a sleeping ring bearer.
Look at this handsome man.....train in hand!
Bria and Baylor before the wedding.
Brody practicing walking down the isle.....don't get to excited dude, you're just an usher.
The twins.

My mama and me.

My dad (best man) Kort and Zach (Bri's brother)
Me, Bri and Rosie (maid of honor, Bri's best friend)

Just a taste of some beautiful scenery on the way. This is Judith Pass in Montana, they had tons of these wind turbines.
This is the view we had from outside of our window when we woke up!
I'm fairly certain that someone is going to hurt me for posting this photo.
Little bro, big sis.
We took a break from driving and enjoyed some beautiful scenery in the Badlands.

Meet Zeke. Baylor was totally freaked out by this dude and wouldn't get any closer. This was at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Don't all rush out at once and make vacation plans to visit this place.

More beautiful scenery from the Badlands.

Every gas station Baylor wanted to help pump gas because he said the car was "hungry" Yes, VERY hungry.