Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Be careful what you wish for....

So I am more than thrilled at the fact that my son....my VERY STRONG WILLED AND HEAD STRONG son, would ever be potty trained. He was always too busy or not interested, but I finally put my foot down and sucked it up for a week and that's all it took. We're still working on the poo in the toilet thing, but other than that...he rocks. I had been wishing and waiting for the day I could say he was potty trained, but you have to be careful what you wish for......So I was trying to explain to my neighbor Shannon who is watching our dogs, where the food was etc when Baylor comes running inside and yells,

" MOM!!!! I POOPED!!!"

Okay. Great. Where?!!! (mind racing...thinking sandbox? Tomato plants?)


(Holy cow. How do I react to this? Happy? Angry? Confused? Totally grossed out? ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!)

"Here, let me show you" Takes my hand and drags me across the lawn. There, lying perfectly in the grass is a nice Baylor poo. He was serious. So thrilled at the fact that he didn't do it in his pants, he couldn't wipe the smile off his face. What's a mom to do? I praised him for his valiant effort and made sure he knew that we can't just drop trou in the yard and poop. Next time, we'll aim for the toilet. His dad laughed, my mom laughed, the neighbor was totally grossed out and I'm pretty sure the dude across the street was in fits of laughter. I'm pretty sure he sees the dogs doing it, so why not him? (Baylor, not the dude across the street)

I'm still packing. I keep making a list, checking it twice.....adding more and more and more things. We're trying to save moola by packing a cooler full of food and PB and J for the ride so we can bypass fast food and love handles in the process. I went to Aldi last night and stocked up on snacks and car friendly food. Actually I don't think there is such a thing as car friendly food. My kids are food magnets, it doesn't matter where we are, what they're wearing or eating....IT ALWAYS ends up on their clothes. The spaghetti could be across the table and magically it will end up on one of them. Anyways, I'm almost done with packing and now just waiting for the van to arrive...actually Lonnie has to pick it up and then we're off tomorrow morning. Not sure if I'll have access to Internet, but I'll try my darndest. Baylor looks adorable in his tux and I look 16 in my dress :) Please keep us in your prayers for safe travel and sanity!


the Broffitts said...

I'd rather clean poop up from the yard than a pair of underware. Congratulations!

Janice said...

I can say w/out a shadow of doubt he is not the only kiddo to do that. Fortunately mine have not, yet. But my sis's kiddos (yes plural) have. Have a great time at the wedding and a fun trip, maybe you can find some fun places to stop at, like a large ball of twine or a ghost town.

Crazy Mom said...

I don't know of any kids who poop on the front porch, or the back brick paver patio, or in their pants declaring, "My teacher won't see it mom!". I don't know what you're talking about.

Poo flingers? Where? Not my house.


I just KNEW there was a reason I liked reading your blog so much. You regulate me.

loves it!

Jill Kapfer said...

I took away Abbie's diapers today. At first it was a disaster, but the afternoon went much better. She was begging me for a diaper though! The first thing she did though when I put on her nighttime diaper was poop. The whole potty training thing is enough to want to make me pull out my hair. How did he do on your trip?