Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday box for fever man

Mysterious fever still plagues Baylor man. He seems to be okay in every other aspect because I've asked him about a million times if anything else hurts (this is the plus side of having a VERY vocal three year old with a wonderful vocabulary) He did have a little bout with diarrhea but I will spare you the details, there has been far too many posts about poo and for that I apologize. He has a reddish patch on his cheek (just one) that makes me think fifths disease (very common in kids, a virus that makes their cheeks red and lasts a long time) but it seemed to be fading. Who knows, he's in pretty good spirits especially since he got his "birthday box" from Grandma Lila and Papa Mike today. I tried my hardest to sneak the box in the house so I could go through it and get the real presents out and save them for his birthday, but he totally busted me and demanded we open it right then and there. He was stoked when he saw the Thomas train thingy (not quite sure what it is yet, but I'll figure it out) Lightening McQueen books and of course a pure stroke of genius on the grandparents part...a bag of rocks and shells. I kid you not, the kid love rocks and he whisked them away to play with them on the front porch. Thus putting my previous theory of screw present buy boxes, rocks and sticks and your kids will be happy into practice. Thanks Mike and Lila, you rock. My mom and I went birthday shopping on Saturday after Lonnie got home from a long practice. I got a "don't go overboard" look before I got in the car, but of course ignored it. Good thing we're on a tight budget, I love buying present for people and especially those named Baylor, Brody and Lonnie. I think the sick little dude will make out just fine on his birthday on Sunday. My mom and I are going to attempt to make a train cake with a hopper and coal car. Yes, I know all the train lingo now.

Today is glorious. It's pretty much a perfect weather day. I have the window's open and a fan on and there is NO humidity, a slight breeze and it's about 75 degrees. Perfect. I opened the bedroom window and five seconds later I hear..."mom, help!" and see Baylor kicking the screen out of the window and trying to get on the roof!!! Why? He saw me do it the other day when I was cleaning the gutters, since we don't own a ladder, this seemed the most efficient way rather than scaling the wall. Monkey see, monkey do. Just add that to the list of "things that almost killed my child" Other things on that list include: licking outlets, climbing tree in electrical storm and leaving the gate unlocked.


Favorite activity: taking everyones shoes and hiding them in random very hard to find places. Talking in his own little language and running like the wind, yes running.
Favorite foods: still cheese and "ca ca" crackers and more cheese in any form. He also loves grapes but those are scary diapers to change.
Favorite Toys: Baylor's books, anything Baylor has in his hands, blocks
Favorite clothing: none, thank you.

Activity: playing trains, watching trains, talking about trains, reading about trains and beating up on Brody.
Foods: Ummmmm, good question. He won't eat anything we put in front of him.
Toys: duh, Thomas the Train trains (take along kind) and rocks
Clothing: hey, it's my kids were talking about, never a dull moment and ALWAYS nekkid!


NYC Girl said...

Sounds like you have had a busy morning and I read on Facebook that you are excited about nap time. I loved nap time and now I look forward to "quiet time" where the kids can't bother me :)
I'm glad Baylor is doing OK. It's been fun doing bulletins with you all, although I think someone walked through my door and I caught there cold. I hope to nic it in the bud early. Have a great afternoon.

Janice said...

The mystery fever is EVERYWHERE, seems like everyone is catching it. Beware so are colds, I've got one that I am fighting HARD to go away. Goot Goot Goot. Did you know that in Boone and another place in Illinois they have a "real" Thomas come every year? Baylor would love that. The place in Illinois is a train museum and there are lots of types of trains to ride.

Kim said...

I hear you on the train mania...thomas sits on the table and watches us at every meal and I have to tuck him in to go to sleep. I tried the pico...I loved it...Grace didn't. Guess I shouldn't just eat pico for lunch anymore.

Andrea G. said...

I love the favorite idea.... how fun! You should definitely do a Thomas cake... I made one for David's 2nd birthday party and I have streamers, thomas tablecover, etc. some leftover plates etc if you want them at all also I put the cake we made on our blog if you want to check it out.