Friday, August 1, 2008

Bribery at it's best

Potty training boot camp: Week overview....wait, what day is it? It's only Friday...holy cow, it feels like it's been a month. The last two days have actually gone far better than I ever imagined. Only one pee on floor accident and one little poo (we call em rollers...cause they roll right out of the diaper) in the big boy pants. The rest of the time, he has made it IN THE TOILET!!! I have kept him in diapers during naps and bedtime and that is when he likes to do his #2 business. He even went to Miss Shannon's house this morning in big boy pants and didn't have an accident! I have also resorted to major bribery. I'm talking about the kind of bribery that those parents who feed their children spinach cookies and wear organic soy diapers and would shriek at a toy made in China....yea, you know who I'm talking about.....would frown upon. In this case, I used Thomas the Train and his friends.....which worked...except for now I am hunting all over for specific little hunks of metal that the little boy has requested. Whatever works...and it seems to be working. Now I need help getting this child to poop on the toilet. I hear that is the hardest thing to master. I don't think him falling face first in the toilet after the stool slipped helped his fear of the gigantic porcelin bowl either.

Good news! Lonnie is officially college debt free. We paid of his last Master's loan and now it's on to my student loan. Which I know is hard for him to pay each month considering the fact that being a domestic goddess wasn't included in my major. I want so badly to do something to help with the payment of that loan. I looked into selling organs on the black market and renting Baylor out for an afternoon but those fell through. I'm working on a couple of fabric lines right now and hopefully that will pick up. Maybe some big wig will read this blog and think I'm a genius and want to pay me $9,869 dollars to write and take photos for their magazine. I advertised to teach trumpet lessons and that didn't pan out. I have ideas of grandeur for making baby art but that takes time. Time?! Do I even know what that is? I wouldn't even know where to start. My ultimate dream is to open my own coffee shop with handmade funky art from all of my friends in it. I have some very talented and artistic friends that just rock. The only problem is we all have children under 3 and lots of them. The timing just isn't right, but maybe in the future.

Oh, you want to know about the date huh? I know you're itchin to get juicy details on our romantic getaway to the Evil Empire. It was great to be kid free and roam the isles without chasing someone. We had nice conversations about how high things are priced now, how very large people get those motorized wheelchairs and thus being the reason they are very's called walking!! and generic vs. name brand. So very stimulating I assure you. The car ride home was a little stressful after getting the receipt and having mister budget pants do his freak out (he does this every time we get groceries) 1. Gets really quiet and does not speak. 2. Grips the steering wheel like there's no tomorrow 3. Sighs a few times and then shakes his head. 4. Tells me what we have left in the budget for the rest of the month and how this is only the first day of the month. Then we proceed to have a heated discussion about finances. HAPPENS EVERY TIME. I just wish I could make him worry less about finances. I want to see him happy after a trip to the grocery store, but that isn't happening for a very very long time. I want him to know how lucky and proud I am that he works so hard to support our family. I want him to know that him being mister budget man is pretty darn sweet even if he's a tad on the anal side. I know other people are feeling the pinch too. God will take care of us and even if that is hard to accept after Wally World, we have to. Hey, I got Jello pudding pops for $1, you can't get any better than that!!!

Hey! Let me know what you you're feeling....what's on your mind....leave me a comment :)


Janice said...

Excellent, WAY TO GO BAYLOR!
Just keep praising your hubby and showing him your love and gratitude. I tend to stress after a trip to the store too, its hard when we have to squeeze alot of of not much, but it can be done. Maybe you could talk to Connie M, she does and amazing job with her grocery shopping and how she does it. I'm sure she would have some ideas or suggestions on what could help shave some $$ off the grocery budget. Keep at that fabric. Maybe you could use it to make and sell some cloth diapers on Etsy. That is a big thing right now. The cuter the better! :) And I am sure you are designing some super cute fabric. Oh yes, you wanted to know how things are going, lets just go with crowded and the room is staying bright green. Sigh, oh well. :)

The Kac's said...

Good job, Baylor! Us Texans love your name too :)
You should get your hubby to play the grocery game ( It's a "game" for anal people like me to have "fun" being frugal. Think spreadsheets with color codes for finding the best grocery deals. Ahh...the sense of satisfaction when you know you got the best deal!
And I think is a great place to sell your talented artsy one!

MamaMiller said...

THEY STILL HAVE JELLO PUDDING POPs!!!!???? i'm so excited!

the Broffitts said...

Puddin' Pop is one of Sylvia's nicknames. I wonder how many people out there have the desire to make baby stuff and can't find the time. Maybe if we all get together we could make it work. I've got so many ideas...and I need fabric for them :)

Andrea G. said...

I love the cloth diaper idea... you would be great at that! Phillip struggles with wanting to support our family more... there isn't a lot of money in working at church :) Keep thanking Lonnie.

I am so happy the potty training stuff is going well! Did you do the naked thing at all or what worked for him?

David was freaked out to go at number 2 the first couple of times, but once he did it he realized it was okay. I am all about bribery! Although my dentist bill is going to be huge after all these skittles... we are weaning him off of them now for going... trains are a great idea!

Crazy Mom said...

Hooray for hiding chocolate.

Groceries suck. Esp. when you're trying to buy fresh produce, or limit high fructose corn syrup and other preservatives.

I think you'd make a great developmental therapist to make extra money. At any rate, the world could use a few art therapists...or at least my clinic could.

Anonymous said...

WTG, you guys! It always feels great to have something chalked off the list! And wooohooo for Mr. Baylor!! As for you, you're talented and can do anything artsy...go for it!

Laura Omundson said...

Keri, first-i'm amazed that you stuck with the program the whole week. High-five inserted here. Second, even people who have a little extra every month have husbands who freak out at the grocery bill. Although i have no idea who i'm talking about.
Third-about the book, i was thinking maybe you would even want to do 1/2 a chapter a week...not more than ONE!!!
(said like Larry Boy)