Thursday, August 7, 2008

By golly woman, stop taking so many photos!

Besides my addiction to sweet things and coffee, I have found that life wouldn't be as fun without my camera. I am a sucker for old school black and white film, but it just so happens that there is no room for a darkroom in the Speidel house. Photograhy has been my passion since I was little and one of my favorite art mediums. Someday when I win the lottery I will by me a nice SLR digital camera, but until then I will have to settle with my pansy kodak. It gets the job done though. I have been warned by the "photo police" aka my husband, that I take far too many photos and I am taking up all the memory on our computer. Maybe so, but I also have documented every moment of our children's lives. Yes, I am a wild and crazy one.

Can someone please get this kid a toothbrush?

Gosh, he looks so old!! minus the drool on his chin, but that goes along with every stage of life doesn't it?

Rico Suave. I'm trying not to look at the camera but I really am looking at the camera and being so sly and cool.

Here are a few of my many bolts of the fabric I designed.

...and some more

oh yes, more here too.

This is a great action shot that I will show is future wife someday.

That's all folks.


Janice said...

Those fabrics are way cool! I wish I new how to sew, I would totally make something. You have some talent girly (ok, not some, ALOT)Love the pics of the boys, it's great to have pics for memories and briberies!

Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying about too many photos on your harddrive. I have too many, too...and half of them aren't even my kids-just other people's kids-and I booked 3 more sessions today! It's stinky, but like you said, you're documenting memories, right?!

the Broffitts said...

I think your blog is my favorite because it's updated the most frequently! I guess there's some culture that things you lose part of your soul when a picture is taken of you. Dan has informed that he hopes that's not true because Sylvia no longer has a soul if it is true. I'm ready to come visit...and take home some fabric with me. Maybe Sylvia and I can come out sometime.

Crazy Mom said...

We got a really great idea from friends of ours...can you save photos on a disc and put them in a bank safe deposit box? We save files frequently, especially after I lost the first 6 months of Maddie's life when the hard drive crashed. The safe deposit box is in case of fire or other (ie: flood) damage.

What do you do with your fabric? Maybe I'll order some from you, I have a nephew coming soon, except I'm pretty low on the 'talent' scale when it comes to crafting anything. Seriously, let me know.

Maybe we can do a puzzle/fabric exchange!

the Broffitts said...

Safety Deposit box all the way. That's what we're doing. Except I would suggest you burn them on DVDs and not CDs. Otherwises you'll have way too me.

Andrea G. said...

The fabric is beautiful! I have just the "extra job" for you... when I was at the downtown Iowa City farmer's market there was people there selling baby blankets, bibs, etc... you could be the supplier for fabric, but I also think you could just sell fabric there since lots of people who go to the farmer's market are crafty creative people anyway! People were selling all sorts of things!

Also, we bought something that is the size of a DVD and it is a backup hard drive and we put all the pictures on there... it was about $60 once it went on sale and we had a coupon, but it is worth it and small and then we can put that in the fireproof safe! :)

Lastly, I love Brody's shoes... so cute!