Friday, August 8, 2008

Carnies and Saurkraut and wheels...oh my!

I do believe that some of the wonderful town of Lisbon Iowa wait an entire year just for this fine event. What? You ask. Saurkraut Days baby. The once a year "downtown" extravaganza with scary carnies, large very unsafe spinning things that cost five dollars to ride and fried food on a stick. This is when the crazies of our town come out to play. This my friends, is when we lock all of our doors and sit on the front porch with baseball bats. I have to admit, I am a huge party pooper when it comes to this weekend. I HATE IT. I will not lie, I will not put on a happy carnival face. I simply won't. Let me tell you why I'm not a fan. In the spirit of lists, I will entertain you......

1. There is one large blinking loud spinning Ferris wheel thingy about 50 yards from my front porch (don't worry, photos will be later) I can hear screaming adolescents all night long.
2. They have stage with very very very loud speakers and a band (which might be nice, but I prefer brass) with weird names like Dogs on Skis.....that makes the windows in our house rattle ALL NIGHT LONG.
3. The inebriated. Two words....BEER TENT. Ewwwwwww drunk folks scare me and they stole our flag a few years ago. That is why I sit on porch with bat.
4. Parking. Since we don't have a garage we have to park on our street and since there is a very large NO PARKING sign stuck right in our front yard, we have to find other places to park, which probably means walking long distances with two small children. Whoopie.
5. Crazies. Yes, crazies. Jesus loves them, but this town is full of them. Lock your doors.
6. Carnies, God bless their soul. I can't imagine what I would smell like either without a shower for weeks....
7. Did I mention it's REALLY LOUD and I have kids trying to sleep?

Okay, so I know I'm a downer, but not fan. There are a few good things about Saurkraut Days that I enjoy so to end on a positive note here goes....

1. FUNNEL CAKE! 460 calories of pure deep fat fried joy.
2. The 5k run which I will not be participating in (unless they have a 200m dash, I'll cheer Shannon on from my front porch!!) Maybe next year....
3. Baylor is thrilled and he is so excited to ride on ONE ride and I get to watch his face as he goes around in circles on little metal ladybugs.
4. There are some nice tents selling yummy food (like the ones run by churches)
5. BINGO baby. I won $11 dollars a few years ago....and promptly spent it on funnel cakes :)
6. The weather is going to be wonderful. Last year, I had just brought Brody home from the hospital and everything was hurting and it was 100 degrees plus humidity out. I have never sweat so much in my entire life.

So there you have it. I will take some photos and show you what I'm talking about. Don't be mad, you'd hate it too if it were outside of your front porch.

Tomorrow is our anniversary!!! Five years, two kids, two dogs and a house later....we're alive (barely) and still in love. We're going on a date tonight while my mom and dad watch the boys. Lonnie's mom sent him birthday/anniversary money (thanks Lila!) Oh yea, Lonnie's birthday is the 13th. If you haven't figured it out yet, this is our PARTY month. Brody's birthday is the 3rd, Lonnie's the 13th and Baylor's the 31st....and our anniversary is the 9th (all have a 3 or are divisible by 3 too) August rules.

T-minus five days and counting until our trek across America to the great state of Montana for Kort's wedding. Travel tips anyone?


Janice said...

I would probably not be a fan to have all that right outside my window and having little ones. YIKES. However when we first moved here in our late teens we lived above the bar, so that was a very convienent place to be when beer was something that was consumed, plus then we didnt have to use the porta poopers either! :) Happy (early) Anniversary! Gotta go primp Gabi for the King/Queen Drawing, that is always fun to watch.

Andrea G. said...

Drive at night time... we have a DVD player if you want me and take the movie CARS... You can borrow ours if you want!