Friday, August 22, 2008

Death by Poo

Poo disclaimer: Do not read this post if you have just eaten, don't wish to read about kids BM's or have a weak stomach for grossness.

Who would have thunk that two small children were capable of producing so much poo....and within the time frame of 10 minutes....and 2 minutes before I had to walk out the door.....clean. So I put Brody in the tub to clean him up after his episode with applesauce meets hair and apparently the warm water relaxed him and his bowels. I turned around to him poking at floating tootsie rolls with raisins....eww gross, so sorry. Then....about five minutes later, after I had finished cleaning Brody up, sanitizing the tub and changing my shirt (I was on my way out the door for band) Baylor comes running up the stairs...nekkid...with poo from his butt to his ankles. He did make it to the bathroom the first round (he said he was going to "poop like daddy does" which could be mighty scary) but there was more where that came from. I threw him in the freshly sanitized bathtub and gave him a quick de-terding and bath. He had left a little trail from the kitchen, up the stairs into the bathroom. THEN to top it off, he thought he would be useful (like Thomas the Train of course) and wash his underwear the toilet water. MMmmm baby. It ended well though. Both kids got in their P.J's, cleaned, bath sanitized and toilet flood waters cleaner AND I made it out the door in time for band.

Baylor woke up this morning pale as a sheet and refused breakfast. He just laid on the couch and when I went to check on him, he was hot with a fever. He seems to be okay, no other symptoms yet but we drugged him up and he is taking a nap (fingers crossed) We did have a date night planned for tonight, but that will have to wait. We were going to a movie and Goodwill (I know, fun combo huh?) I was promised some "new" jeans because all of mine are too big....which I guess is a good thing. Cross country has started for Lonnie so I won't see him until June. People always think coaches have it easy, but he is gone almost every weekend for a meet, recruiting or visit days. He keeps strange office hours and has to do recruiting calls at night from home (which he despises) He is such a hard worker and very humble about it too.


Why here is the little monkey himself. One week old and looking mighty cute.
Baylor at 13 months. Nutrition is our #1 priority you see....that is why he is licking cake batter from a spoon. Kid's grow too fast, let them enjoy life!


Kim said...

Does his throat hurt? Josiah had a virus earlier this week with high fevers and a sore throat. Nothing to do but give 'em Motrin and wait it out. It only had him down about a day and a half...hopefully yours will go quickly too.

Janice said...

yep, had that here too, all but one got to enjoy it. We had lots of snot with ours too.