Monday, August 4, 2008

Dizzy up the boy

This my friends, is a hilarious video that you are about to watch. It was taken shortly after my sweet little boy was rolling in the yard......I guess he was a bit dizzy...that or he snuck some wine.

OPERATION POTTY UPDATE: I will now officially say that Baylor is potty trained...okay, just peeing. BUT THAT IS HUGE! We're having a bit of difficulty with the whole pooping in the potty thing, but I am just amazed at how quickly and far less painful that I imagined, the peeing thing went. He had one accident (pee) and figured it out. I think it will be a while before we do naps without a pull-up and bedtime without a diaper and drop the kids off at the pool (poopin) BUT he can pee in the toilet and tells me when he has to go!! Praise Jesus. I thought this day would never come.

Both boys had their one year check-ups today. Baylor weighed in at 32 lbs and Brody at 21lbs. Both were in the 50th percentile for everything and were perfectly healthy. I was secretly hoping Brody would have an ear infection so I could blame this awful clinginess on it...but no, he's fine. I just have a growth on my leg named Brody.

So the things we do for our children......endure pain and sorrow and projectile vomit, we give up sleep and pant sizes and have to eat chicken nuggets at every meal...just for them. Well, Lonnie and I sucked it up and moved into the boys tiny room (gee thanks Janice for the idea :) ) We now have a very romantic yellow room with sweet clouds and blue ceiling with ultra romantic glow in the dark stars. The whole process took us a few hours, but we're glad we did it. We really don't need all that space and the boys seem to be getting bigger...imagine that. They now have plenty of space for toys, books and holy cow clothes!!! and just a place to play upstairs. If we decide to add to the brood, we'll have plenty of room for another...not that that is happening anytime soon, trust me. Also, if you know anyone who is looking to buy a crib, I have a nice light wood Jenny Lind crib with mattress that I want to sell. We'd like to get $75, but I'm sure we can negotiate. So let your prego people know and then let me know.


Janice said...

Excellent job Keri! I just knew Baylor wouldnt be wearing dipes to college! Happy bday to that crazy laughing boy too, he is a crack up! Wow, you get to sleep under the stars? That would be cool! We have a lime green room with flowers. Gonna have to invest in room darkening shades so we can sleep past the first light when the room starts to glow :) I do like the coziness of it, even though it is not anywhere close to done. ahh...someday. Still missing out on my good set of helping hands, she is having major geekness this week , BAND CAMP! Just kidding, you know my thoughts on band! Well, rock on with Baylor and I hope that Gretchen will want to do the potty thing soon. Not forcing it though, I've got enough to do.

Anonymous said...

That is one crazy funny boy. I love the second fall. He just didn't see that one coming. Only 3 year old boys love to fall down on purpose. LOL
He's just got so much enthusiasm with the whole big boy pee situation. WTG, Baylor!

Jill said...

I'm jealous...still fighting with Abbie about the potty.

Crazy Mom said...

Someday we can sit on your porch and I'll bring some Lynfred wine, and I'll tell you about all Nate's poops that didn't make it in the last night when instead of eating dinner I got to scrub the bathroom because IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!

Seriously, poop in the potty is hard even when kids try to go...they slide off midway to wipe...and the rest is a nasty little bit of Too Much Information!

I love when kids get dizzy. It's good vestibular input!!