Friday, August 8, 2008

Flashback Friday

Look at that handsome dude. Love ya babe.

Why yes, those are my running shoes which I wore under my dress. A girl has got to be comfy!!


Anonymous said...

Aww how cute!!

I don't miss SK days either!
You can park on Market street, if you want to. Just watch out for cheetahs and other safari animals!

Jill said...

You look beautiful...I have never seen your wedding pictures. Sometime we should put together a girl's night and get people together to look at pictures. A break from the kiddos! :)

gregandmindy3 said...

Yes another girl who went for comfort. I wore pink fuzzy slippers on my wedding day and everyone thought it was just outrageous. But Im so glad I did. Amen to comfort!!! Have fun on your trip. mindy