Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Baylor

I know, I's only Saturday night, but I officially went into labor today at noon, three years ago and Baylor Michael Speidel was born on August 31, 2005....after long hours of labor and a hoover vacuum. By no means was his labor easy, in fact, it was plain horrible..but totally worth all of the pain and suffering. He weighted 7lb 2oz and was TWO WEEKS OVERDUE. I delivered at University of Iowa Hospitals and since it's a "teaching" hospital, there were about 14 people not including my family in the delivery room. I'm pretty sure they all got a nice shot of the netherparts which was not warranted at all. It was a rough beginning for the little dude, since they used the vacuum to get him out, he had a hard time learning how to suck which made breastfeeding mighty difficult. I stuck with it even though it's not like they tell you, "oh, it's delightful and it won't hurt if they latch on correctly" Ummm, yes it does. Much pain. All of that aside, we fell in love with the little dude from the moment we laid eyes on him. I still can't believe he's going to be three. He has sure given us a run for our money and come through on all aspects of the "firstborn" syndrome (hard headed, stubborned, mind of his own, creative) BUT he has so many amazing qualities that outweigh the punk. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him and he is a lover. He loves to cuddle, "snug" and give big sloppy smooches. He is so inquisitive and observant of everything around him and soaks everything up like a little sponge. He's all boy and I love it! Loves getting dirty, playing in the sand, mud, dirt and rocks but also loves reading and getting clean after his adventures in the wild. He loves music, sports and pretty much anything that moves such as trains, planes and automobiles.
It's been a wild and crazy three years, but God has blessed us with the most amazing little boy. Three years, only one trip to the ER and lots of love.

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Ok, so bring on pictures of this cake...we're curious!