Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Montana or bust (trip photos)

My love.

Brody man and Grandma K lookin mighty cool.
Brody and his first dance....ever, with Zoe the flower girl.

The mountain sunsets were beautiful and the reception was perfect. Here are the boys dancing together....okay, maybe not dancing probably pre-shove.
Kort and his beautiful bride Bria or Bwee or Brianna or Bri....Aunt Bria is our choice :)
Kort, Brody man and mama.
Mother and son dance.
Bride and groom's first dance and Baylor and Zoe stealing a dance too!

Daddy and the boys after the wedding and enjoying the juice box we promised him. Trust me, this wedding was full of lots of bribery on our part.
My Grandma M.E and Grandpa Allen. They flew up for the wedding.
Zoe pleading with Baylor to dance...and Baylor, just being Baylor.
Finally! She got him to bust a move.

The wedding party...minus a sleeping ring bearer.
Look at this handsome man.....train in hand!
Bria and Baylor before the wedding.
Brody practicing walking down the isle.....don't get to excited dude, you're just an usher.
The twins.

My mama and me.

My dad (best man) Kort and Zach (Bri's brother)
Me, Bri and Rosie (maid of honor, Bri's best friend)

Just a taste of some beautiful scenery on the way. This is Judith Pass in Montana, they had tons of these wind turbines.
This is the view we had from outside of our window when we woke up!
I'm fairly certain that someone is going to hurt me for posting this photo.
Little bro, big sis.
We took a break from driving and enjoyed some beautiful scenery in the Badlands.

Meet Zeke. Baylor was totally freaked out by this dude and wouldn't get any closer. This was at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. Don't all rush out at once and make vacation plans to visit this place.

More beautiful scenery from the Badlands.

Every gas station Baylor wanted to help pump gas because he said the car was "hungry" Yes, VERY hungry.


NYC Girl said...

Very nice pics. I hope you had a great time. Now it's back to same old, same old which is never fun. I wish I could live on vacation :)

Andrea G. said...

You guys ALL look beautiful! I love the suit on Brody and Baylor looks so handsome! The blue looks really good and I LOVE the puffiness of Bri and your dress!

I was reading the comments wrong and I read "the twins" thinking you were talking about your mom and you... I think one works too! You are both so beautiful!

You made memories you won't forget!

Crazy Mom said...

You have such a beautiful family. Such lovely photos had to have been worth that car ride!

I love weddings. My brother, sister and I get a little obnoxious on the dance floor, but it's alll good. Your bro's wedding looked classy and beautiful and had such gorgeous scenery.

What a memory of a lifetime!

Janice said...

Those are beautiful pics! You look amazing in that dress, great color! Your whole fam looks great. The views you had look stunning, well worth any annoyances in the trip I am sure, what an awesome reminder of Gods handiwork!