Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Must. Change. Attitude.

That's right Brody, tell them how it is.

I found this in a magazine and posted it smack dab on my fridge for a nice wake up call everytime I gaze into the abyss of the unknown...aka my fridge. That is totally what I was like as a kid and now my mother just laughs when I tell her what Baylor has been up to. Everyone needs a little attitude adjustment once in a while.

I am a huge fan of FWC...fridges with character. I love having photos, recipes, bible verses, artwork, really ugly magnets, up on my fridge. It makes me feel at home and gives our fridge character. Fridges need character, just like houses. Mine has a lot.

Thanks for all of your suggestions on how to keep Baylor in the room, I especially like the one about duct taping his feet to the bed...just kidding, nobody said that, but the thought has crossed my mind. You see, here lies my problem. Two bedroom house....both boys nap at the same time and Brody's crib is in the boys' room....therefor Baylor has to sleep in our room which by no stretch of the imagination is kid friendly. So today, I piled books, stuffed animals, some NyQuil..ha ha and blankets all around him. I then threatened him within in inch of his life that he'd better stay up there or the spankin spoon would come a knockin on his hiney. I could see by the fear in his eyes, that he understood....okay, he wasn't freaked out, but he got the point and he still loves me. He was so exhausted last night (I knew this would happen) that he cried a half hour at bedtime and then woke up at midnight mumbling and crying for his daddy. Daddy of course is a SUCKER and slept with him the rest of the night. Hopefully tonight will be different. What is it with my children and sleep, we may never know.
Why look who it is. Baylor's latest OBSESSION. He sleeps with them, eats with them, goes pee with them and takes them just about everywhere. Who knew hunks of metal could make someone so happy. I think they're a little creepy to be honest. They're faces always seem to be watching me.....what are you smirking about Edward?!
Some of my fresh pico de gallo...yummy. For lunch today that is all I ate...and an entire tomato. Got to love fresh summer foods from the garden.
Here is the birthday box that Baylor got from the grandparents. A box of toys for Baylor and a box to play with with hours upon hours of entertainment for Brody. It's a win win situation.
Here is the spectacular CARDINALS towel that he got (Brody has a matching one) He kind of looks like a hobbit though. The best team as always.....okay, so maybe not this year, but every other year. Go Cards!!
One of my organizational secrets. I painted one wall in my kitchen hallway with blackboard paint and it serves as our family calendar. It was the only way I could get anything big enough that Lonnie would actually look at it and write things down. If it's not on the calendar all hell breaks loose! If you put magnetic paint underneath the blackboard paint you can magically have a magnetic blackboard...woo hoo, I wish I would have thought of that earlier.


Jill Kapfer said...

Never knew there was such a thing as magnetic paint. Cool. I'll keep that in mind for when we move and I paint again!

Andrea G. said...

I LOVE the giant calendar... I should suggest that at our house :) The salsa looks so yummy!

Crazy Mom said...

I hate to say it, but Jack completely STOPPED napping before he was three, so I introduced 100 piece puzzles to keep him quiet and occupied.

We're working on weaning Nate off a nap too. I'm debating about switching him from a.m. preschool to p.m. UGh. Decisions.

3 is the magic age sweetie. At least for some of us.

I have forgotten at times that I am indeed the adult, since I get no adult time. I watch Jeopardy some days just to hear the happy grown up voices....

Janice said...

We moved Gabi off the nap to quiet time recently b/c we realized (after too long) that the nap was what was killing us at bedtime and her not going to sleep. There was some cranky evenings in the adjustment and sometimes she does fall asleep at naptime, but it is going much better. Find a quiet game or toy or even a pbs program w/ rules it is quiet time and he has to "rest" but not sleep. It'll take some adjustment but can be done. Gabi is alot easier to deal with now that we figured out that was the problem. I maybe can get sme quiet time, IF Elliott sleeps when Gretchen does. Jarrett and Gabs just play quietly or watch a movie or read books then. You can do it cuz YOU ROCK!