Saturday, August 2, 2008

One year ago....

Awwww, what a cute little bundle of joy.

All nice a pregnant and swollen and doped up ready for some labor action......

One epidural, a few pushes and voila....slimey monkey boy arrives. This has to be the best face in the world and he actually still makes it.

There, much better. No more slime.

Meeting his brother for the first time.

Three very tired people.

It was about this time (9:30ish) at night and I was sitting at the computer (like I am now) and started having some pretty sweet contractions. I had my last check up that day and she stripped my membranes because I whined a lot and slid a twenty across the examining table. So maybe not bribery, but I whined a lot. Okay, sweet is not a term that should be used for contractions because they suck, so I will choose another term....ummmm, how about piercing...there, that's better. So we have piercing contractions and so I get my stop watch out and called my mom to come up. We headed to the hospital around midnight and I was dilated almost seven so I got my drugs right away. Hooray for those and props to anyone who goes the natural way. Although I find it not natural for me to be screaming in pain. Labor was a piece of cake compared to Baylor (24+ hours, lots of ouchie things and a vacuum) he slipped out at 5:45am weighing in at six pounds and four ounces. Tiny little monkey boy with lots of hair...all over the place. Born exactly on his due date. What an amazing year it has been and what a huge blessing this boy is. We love him so much and thank God for him everyday! More mushy things tomorrow and birthday photos..woo hoo!


Laura Omundson said...

Happy Birthday Brody!!!!

Jill said...

It is so fun to look back on the birth of a child...there is nothing better in the world than meeting the little one for the first time. I love the feeling! :)