Monday, August 11, 2008

Pack it in baby and say cheese

This is the face I get when I asked Brody to smile. Not exactly the face I was looking for......
Helping mom pack. Actually just throwing everything out of the suitcase that I put sweet eighties suitcase by the way.
Ugh. Packing. Ugh. Not a fan.

I have a love hate relationship with packing. Too much? Too little? Ugh. The countdown begins for Montana or bust.....two days. How in all things that are holy do you pack for ten hour days in a car besides lots of DVD's and sedatives...for me of course, not the children. Brody decided to help me while Baylor was glued to Thomas on the t.v (this being a rare occasion that I use a DVD as a babysitter) It's probably going to take me two days to get everything in order and ready. We rented a minivan (JUST for the space...there will be no minivan buying anytime soon) and don't pick that up until Wednesday morning so all of our gear is stashed in the front room. Fun times.
SIDE NOTE: Baylor pooped in the toilet again last night (at home) through much bribery. Hopefully he is not going to expect a train every time he decides to relieve himself because we'll be mighty broke. Needless to say, we're thrilled with BM in toilet. Enough poo talk.
Now back to my packing!!!


Janice said...

No tips for traveling other than toys and snacks on top of what you already are doing. You will be fine, just let them stretch those legs that are used to running around. When you get back come meet the new addition to our family. Our cat had 4 kittens. So, if you know of anyone looking for a kitten and would like one in about 8 weeks, let me know. 2 grey, a light yellow and one that is multicolored kinda like calico, but doesnt have the face markings of calico. Cute though, not even a day old yet. Good luck on your trip!
Way to go Baylor on dropping off the kids at the pool!

Crazy Mom said...

I bet if you had a minivan you wouldn't mind trips so much.

You guys will have fun on your trip, I'm sure. 10 hours isn't so bad, really. You get to sit and not clean up any messes. I always look at long trips like that...