Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Raising George

We were all eating breakfast together this morning and flipped on the t.v to watch the news. Unfortunately my finger didn't move fast enough to change the channel and Baylor heard the monkey sounds across the room..." GEORGE IS ON!"
Crap. (don't worry, I said this in my head, we don't say crap in our house...only think it)
The last thing I wanted was to watch Curious George at 7am BEFORE my coffee. Lonnie and I watched a little and then he turned to me and said, "Don't you think Brody looks like George?" Well, now that you mention it, I've always thought the kid resembled a monkey. From the minute he was born he was covered in hair and then as he got older, his baby noises sounded eerily similar to a certain primate. I believe there has even been some poo flinging that monkey's supposedly do...we've been down that road and don't care to return. Brody gets into everything, puts everything in his mouth and climbs on anything within reach. He even loves bananas. Yes, it's true, our son looks like Curious George. I'll let you decided for yourself. Good thing George is so darn cute.
Speaking of crazy monkey...he is up from his short thirty minute power nap. C'mon kid, I need more than thirty minutes of peace!!! Dishes, laundry, ice cream eating and blogging all cannot be done in thirty minutes. I only got the ice cream eating done....okay, maybe the blogging too.

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MamaMiller said...

I'm on the 30-40 minute nap schedule as well.... grrrr.....