Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The trip breakdown

Whew! What day is it? What time is it? Where are my children? Things are starting to get back to "normal" (if you can call it that) around here. The piles of laundry and diminishing, the clothes are slowly getting put away and we're trying to get back on our daily schedule. We had a great time on our trip, minus the long drive.

Day one: We left Wednesday and drove to Kadoka, South Dakota in just over 11 hours....I think, it's all a blur. The drive was amazingly beautiful and it made me want to go rent Dances with Wolves and watch it. Instead, I stuck in the soundtrack and made my family listen to it while we headed through the rolling hills. We got to the hotel very late and were greeted by scary cowboys with very little teeth, dental hygiene was not their top priority, but they were very friendly and kind. The boys were WIRED from being in the car all day and ran around the room like wild banshees. Day two: took scenic route through the Badlands which were also amazing. God does great work doesn't he? We decided to bypass Mt. Rushmore and ate lunch in Sturgis...yea, that's right the big motorcycle rally town. Fortunately for us the rally took place last week, but a few bikers were still lingering. I wanted to stop at the bar where you staple your bra to the ceiling, but not the most kid friendly atmosphere eh? So there was no bra stapling, just Subway and back on the road. Through Wyoming, which is where I want to live when I was amazing. Big beautiful mountains and lakes and just beauty all around. Now you might be thinking that the boys would be taking nice naps in a quiet vibrating relaxing car...ummm, not my kids. The longest nap in the car the ENTIRE ride was probably 45 max from Brody and 1 hour for Baylor...and of course, never at the same time. It was a whole heck of a lot of entertaining with anything you could possibly imagine. I was begging Lonnie to drive just so I could have a break from being backseat entertainer. We hit Billings and took a big break at the mall and then a park for dinner, hoping to release some energy. Got into Valier, Montana at 11pm and crashed. We stayed with Bri's parents in their gorgeous house. They had a fully furnished apartment above their garage and it was absolutely perfect! They stocked the fridge for us and even had toys for the boys. We could do laundry and we had the most amazing view from our window of the mountains and the lake. Day three: Friday was rehearsal day and we spend lots of the day.....okay, so I didn't help very much because I was watching children....THEY spent most of the day setting up at the Stone School Inn (bed and breakfast) just a field away....seriously like 100 yards. The lady that owned it was pretty much clinically insane and very unhappy, but that's another story. We lost Baylor for about 15 minutes and found him hiding in the bushes because he thought the neighbor was going to run him over with the lawn mower. I was so scared and so was he, I don't think he'll run off least for another few weeks. In case you were wondering about potty training on a long sucked big time. We had to put pull-ups back on him in the car because he forgot to tell us about 26 times and we were running out of big boy pants. We're back to big boy pants here at home though, so it wasn't too bad. Okay...rehearsal dinner...mmmmm steak.....hadn't had a nice piece of meat for a very long time. Yea protein. Day Four: Wedding day. Lots of photos. Cranky children. Tons of fun. Total bribery for Baylor with trains for him to walk down isle without meltdown. LONG day. Day 5-6: Driving...lots of driving. Stayed in Spearfish, South Dakota and then home at 11pm...ugh. Boys VERY tired. Parents VERY tired. Poor Lonnie started cross country early practices at 6:30am. All in all, it was a wonderful trip, lots of driving but lots of memories. I have lots of funny stories, but if I don't blog about them right away...they are a distant memory...kind of like what I had for breakfast...momnesia!!!

Back to reality and back to the daily grind.

Oh yes, how could I forget. My AWESOME dog sitters (Miss Shannon and company) not only watched our dogs, but fixed our door, fixed our locks, cleaned, made us cookies and sign AND mowed the lawn. I'm pretty sure they secured their spot as dog sitters for eternity. You guys are amazing!!!

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