Saturday, September 20, 2008

Concert tonight!

And now a word from our sponsors.....
High five man, high five. (note to self, do not let 13 month old feed himself pudding)
Meet Brody the climber....sneaky little dude. My bet is we're in the ER for stitches within the year.
I found this costume at a garage sale (Which I will talk about later...grrrr) for three bucks, what a deal.
Unfortunately this is what happens when it's slightly too big, poor dog.
...but still cute as ever.

Okay, here is the concert info.

We're having our first of three subscription series concerts at the Mt.Vernon Middle school at 7:30. I know you're sick of me pestering you all about it, but it's going to be great as always AND it features the cornet section (that would be the instrument I play) So you should go.

I want to give a major high five to Lonnie this week. I have had band for the last three nights because we're recording a CD and our concert tonight and he has had the boys all by himself. He's great at it, but being alone at night with them is always a struggle. He hasn't complained once and is such a trooper. I appreciate him staying at home with them so I don't have to get a babysitter and I can trust that they will be put to bed properly and on time.....okay, maybe not on time, and if hosing them off outside counts as properly...I'll take it. I let him go to a football game today and hang out with his coaches before he has kid duty tonight. He's a wonderful daddy!!


NYC Girl said...

Brody looks great. Those are the pictures you save for graduation or his wedding.
Well that's to bad about the garage sale. That is rude that they sale somthing they got for free. But I guess some people are just like that. My only thing would be if they got them a year ago and didn't remember where they got them at.
Anyway the Halloween costume is great. I would always find ones for my kids of cheap too.
Alivia still has a headache so we won't be there tonight. But we may come see the Christmas concert.

Andrea G. said...

Hey! I am so sorry to hear about the garage sale!

The nurse asked me the same questions about the rash, but it doesn't look like way. He said it was NOT measles, mumps, 5th disease, hand/foot and mouth, chicken pox, but they didn't know what it is!