Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday 15

First of all I want to give a shout out to our amazing handy man who, for free, gave his time and energy and had to put up with my children watching VERY closely, to fix our door. Darryl, you rock.

I'm instituting a new Friday fun time. Flashback Friday is great (if you have a scanner that works...and mine is Satan) sooooooo it's Friday 15 until then. What is Friday 15 you ask? 15 questions picked at random that I will answer for you because I know you are waiting on pins and needles to hear the answers....and once again, who doesn't love talking about themselves :) Feel free to copy the questions and answer them yourself! I'd love to see the answers. Here we go, hold on to your undies.

1. I can't live family, caffeine, chocolate and paper towels.

2. I hate the smell of........wet peanut butter (seriously) and vomit.

3. My favorite hour of the day is.......after the boys are in bed! (and the early evening when the sun goes down)

4. If I could have dinner with three people dead or alive they would be.....Jesus of course, My Grandpa Koser and Bach.

5. If on death row, my last meal would be.....mashed potatoes, steak (medium rare) french fries, mozzarella sticks, chocolate mousse cake, did I say mashed potatoes?

6. My favorite nail polish color is....nothing like a sexy deep red.

7. My favorite smell baby, new car, dryer sheets, lavender soap and fresh baked pie.

8. If I won the lottery I off all of our debt, pay off the mortgage, save for retirement, save for boys college, help someone else, give to the church and buy a claw foot my new house :)

9. If I could be reborn into any time period it would be......Victorian. Love the dresses and properness but not the bathing once a year thing.

10. The first thing I thought this morning was........Whose children are those and why are they crying? Man, I have to pee!

11. My dream date would be.........wake up after sleeping in, go get coffee and pastries, Lonnie would spend the day the way he wanted and I would be pampered with a massage, hair and nails and shopping of course, we would meet up for a fancy dinner where I got to dress up all girlie like, we'd go to a Cardinals game and then stay up late and watch t.v without worrying what time the kids would wake us up in the morning!

12. I relax by.....heavy sedation. Just kidding. Baths....long, hot and lots of candles. Prayer....lots of it.

13. My dream car would be.....Jeep wrangler...bright red, soft top, stick shift. Ah, the memories.

14. My dream room would be.....the bathroom...complete with a claw foot bathtub, big window and double shower.

15. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing......a cubs really, blue is not my color...OR skinny jeans...I'm just not into spending 15 minutes trying to get into sausage casing.

There you go folks. More completely random and useless information about me. Hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend.

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Janice said...

My Dad has a clawfoot tub, those are excellent for nice long baths, they retain the water to a warm temp longer too! When we were growing up there was a REALLY long clawfoot tub that had been left behind and we would fill it up and play in it. We were such white trash! :) But ohh the fun memories!