Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Photos

Poor Macy.

I turned around for two seconds and Brody decides to do Lord of the Dance on the table....not cool kid.

Poor Macy, still cute though.

These boys love their dogs.

No brody, you can't fit in the basket.

Did I mention how much I hate WET FREAKIN SAND!!!!

Move over Martha, here I come. Here's the pie. It was awesome...still have some left!!! The crust worked even though I bailed on the french pasty...stuck with a nice buttery flakey one.

And this my friends, is what happens when you marry a track coach. This isn't even all of the running shoes....sad, I know. BUT they were free, what can we say.

More shoes dad? He knows what's important in life.


Andrea G. said...

First of all, I LOVE the table, nice job! Second, what kind of running shoes do you guys suggest? Third, Jennie had her baby today at 4 something... only 15 minutes after getting to the room!

Oh yeah... good looking pie!

Kim said...

Ok, I'm jealous. About the shoes...not the wet sand and dogs. By the way, the pie looks great.

NYC Girl said...

yes the pie looks great!!
Trevor loved the pic of Brody on the table.
I could sell some of those shoes on e-bay if you want to slowly sneak them out of the house :)