Monday, September 22, 2008

The great appliance revolt

I think that the large kitchen appliances as well as bathroom features (like the tub) and random household necessities have all gotten together and planned a revolt. They planned to all stop working, crack, leak or putter out on us....AT THE SAME TIME. Let's see here....dishwasher gets stuck on the rinse cycle so if you forget about it, your water bill will remind you!!! Bathtub is cracked and leaking through the floor...but nothing a little duct tape can't fix for now. Fridge is old as dirt and came with the house and has decided that food does not need to be cold and milk should become chunky long before it's expiration date....ecoli anyone? Porch window is cracked and now replaced by doesn't get any more redneck than that folks. Mudroom door and threshold....ummm, threshold is gone so little creatures can make themselves at home. I love the great outdoors but not when it's in my living room. So we are faced with the wonderful decisions of which organ to sell first on the black market and what appliance to fix. So if you know of anyone wanting to sell a fridge or dishwasher, let me know!

SNOT UPDATE: (grossness disclaimer...avoid this if you cringe at the mention of bodily fluids)
Tis the season for snot. I hate cold and flu and strange childhood illness season. Just when you think it's safe to go out.....the snot runneth over. It was a rough night with Brody. Poor little dude was so stuffed up he couldn't breathe and when he woke up he had boogers plastered all over his little face....even in his eyebrows (so hard not to laugh when you kid looks like that!) He also caught hand, foot and mouth virus from the church nursery again....and you're only supposed to get this once...but of course on rare occasions you can get it twice.....I guess we're rare. It wasn't as bad this time, he only had a few sores inside of his mouth and on his feet with no fever, but was incredibly clingy. Baylor has steered clear of this junk for now, but bodily fluids are often swapped around here (snot smearing, sloppy smooches and poo flinging) so we'll see. Time to bust out the antibacterial wipes, bleach and germ-x baby!!


the Broffitts said...

You should check on craigslist. I look every day.

NYC Girl said...

Wow you have a lot going on down the street. I'll talk to darryl but Homer Stoneking in Lisbon (he had a fire in his shop lives off of main st towards the mt.vernon)anyway he fixes up appliances and sells them cheaper. Also Darryl can put in the threshold for you if you have it free of charge.
So sorry about everything. My dryer is torn apart and Darryl is going to try to find a new motor for it today so we don't have to buy a whole new dryer. I hate appliances when they don't work but LOVE them when they do.