Monday, September 8, 2008

The great search

Yesterday a few of my old classmates from high school and friends got together to brainstorm ideas for our ten year reunion next summer. We sat down and pulled out the good ole yearbook, laughed at hairstyles and made fun of ourselves...okay, I made fun of myself because I'm pretty sure I don't know what I was thinking in high school. We had around 350 kids in our class and we divided and are going to try to conquer the major gaps we have in our addresses for these people. Some are married, some are in foreign countries and some are probably in jail. I feel like a stalker already after trying this morning to find a few people AND I hate using the phone, so this will be my very last option. I have already heard back from a few people and it's fun to see what they have been up to. I have been so very awful about staying in touch with high school friends even the ones that live close. It's like a part of our lives that many would like to forget...okay maybe only wasn't that bad....but I had some really great buddies and hope to do a better job of keeping in touch now. Any suggestions on being a super stalker? I have done the facebook thing and have moved on the

It's rainy and gloomy here, but it's a great day to stay inside and accomplish absolutely nothing. I feel like Mt.Laundrymore never ends. I just put away laundry from last week and BAM! there are four more loads waiting for me!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!! How can three males make so much laundry? I recycle jeans so I am not to blame for the laundry situation....I'm at the bottom of the dirty laundry producing totem pole. See, we could solve this problem with nekkid days...we'll just make sure we shut all of our blinds!!!


Janice said...

When I was locate for my class reunion I used MySpace to look, as well as the avenues you are trying. We were a MUCH smaller class, only 66 and four were from other countries and 2 had passed on, so not as big of a search. Did find out some, um, lets say interesting things about them via MySpace though. Classmates you can see if some of them have registered, with an account there is also a way to send an announcement for a reunion or that you are looking for people. Then there is always an add in the local paper for where your school was... just some thoughts. Good luck! The laundry mountain never seems to stay small over here either. It should get better as winter comes and there will be less dirt adventures though. :)

Jill Kapfer said...

You can do a reverse search with address or phone number and find out if the number still belongs to the name on our list. I will probably do that before I start calling. I'm starting my stalking right now...Zach is making fun of me. I am such a computer geek. I waste my evenings away just sitting here messing around. And no, you are not the only one who wants to forget high school. I have certain parts that I wish I could forget, but I have some fond memories. For example, your mom taking you, me, and Cecilia shopping for homecoming dresses. That was pretty fun! I still remember your dress...brownish/gold with pretty straps. Note that I have no idea what my dress looked like that year!