Thursday, September 11, 2008

I aint no Martha Stewart booger face

Pate Brisee (pat-ay Bris-see) French for pie dough. Who knew...not me....and of course when I go to make my pate brisee, I am out of a stick of butter!!! But that's what friendly neighbors are for!!

So I love baking. Okay, so I really love baking and anything that involves sweet things. I'm not to shabby at it but I'm always up for a baking challenge. I learned when I was in a body cast (yes, body cast) for a spinal fusion (fancy word for back surgery) for six month (yes, six months...that's another story). Since I couldn't go outside and play or run around, my mom gave me a stack of cook books, an apron and full use of the kitchen. I also gained a great appreciate for art because cooking and art were basically all that I could do for that awful time stuck in stinky plaster. She gave me some instruction but I taught a lot of it to myself and have fallen in love with baking and cooking ever since. Baking however, is my speciality and probably the reason behind my cavities. I have been banned from baking in our house because a certain someone who shall remain nameless is watching his...oops, I mean their weight. Today I broke the rules. I made ginger snaps this morning for a friend that was coming over and I am attempting Martha Stewart's apple pie. I ain't no Martha, but I'd like to be (minus the whole scandal jail deal and I'm not a fan of her anchorwoman hair, but that's beside the point) So during nap time I will attempt the pate brisee and see how it turns out.


I'm not a big fan of name calling, but booger face could be a lot worse. In fact, we have been calling Baylor captain booger face just for fun....and now we're hitting ourselves over the head. You see, last night was our first night at AWANA. AWANA is a church group for kids that focuses on bible memory verses, growing in the word, they play games (I'm helping with games this year) and just learning to be part of a church. They decided to let 3 year olds be part of Cubbies this year (um, yea....Cubbies!? Why not lambs or chickens....Cubbies?!! The name of the hated blue and red baseball team...grrrrrr....sorry Cubbie fans) So we thought we had Baylor all stoked up to go until we pulled in the church parking lot and he turned into that marvelous ball of toddler mush. He was definitely the youngest there, and so I did a lot of praying!!! To make a long story short, they had to bring him to me during game time, in tears....why?! Because he called someone BOOGER FACE!!!! They were following through with their threat (to go get mommy if he wouldn't stop) and I really appreciate that. We had a little chat about name calling and then again at breakfast we said that booger face wasn't on and so forth. I think he'll do a little better with the whole structured learning thing next week now that he knows what to expect! We're super excited to have him start memorizing bible verses...this week's verse is

God loved us and sent his son....1 John 4:10

booger face


Andrea G. said...

I am sure it is hard to think of your brace as a blessings, but seriously that is an awesome blessing! I still have a hard time getting dinner on the table let alone yummy homemade good smelling Martha Steward apple pie!

NYC Girl said...

I just read this to the kids. I told the story last night and although it wasn't a nice name it sure is funny. Also it does show good parenting skills on your part beings he could have used a worse word like stupid head....
You have to write this down in his book....what a great story to share at his wedding or when he calls you saying mom you will never believe what Baylor Jr. said at church today :)

Janice said...

How did the pie turn out? Delish I am sure! Way to go with Baylor, we've been bit in the hiney before with a blunder of saying something and having a kiddo repeat. Like right now we are dealing w/ Shut Up b/c that is what gets yelled at the dogs.

Jill Kapfer said...

Hey...I forgot about your body cast thing. I remember that now! I like his verse for the week, short and sweet...even I can do it!