Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll have what he's having....

Brody, if I EVER catch you in a similar pose like this when you're in college with illegal're dead meat.

Wet kid+wet freshly mowed grass=hose down outside instead of bath

So I told you about our "turn of the century" costumes that we have to wear for certain brass band concerts. Here is my school teacher/librarian get up. Don't worry, we also wear polo shirt and nice button down shirts.....these crazy duds are for the home concerts....yee haw.

Yea, Macey...sometimes I feel like that too

We got a new train table (thanks Sarah...I owe you $10!) that has a great drawer underneath to stash all sorts of random trains, planes and automobiles.....but Brody thinks it's a great place to climb into....naked of course.

Here is another pose that will haunt me later :) He actually is enjoying his nebulizer treatments because 1. He gets to stick something in his mouth that he's supposed to 2. It makes him feel better....and when I mean better, I mean WIRED!!!! (and he can breathe again) 3. Cool vapor comes out the top and it's fun to play with it. Oh yea, that's a sticker on his head that Baylor gave him this sweet. If only they made these for adults....wait, those are called bongs I think....never mind, I am not endorsing illegal drug use by any means!!! It's been a long morning already......

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Crazy Mom said...

We have a nebulizer too. Except ours has a dragon mask. I hate the steroids too. Makes the boys act like premenstrual teenage girls.


My prayers are for YOU!!!! Stay strong woman. your kids are sick now, but will hate you in Jr. High when all their friends are sick, and they are at school because they had every weird illness known to man before they even started school!