Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's always fun to....

.....spend the morning in the urgent care clinic with your sick little dude. So Brody woke up this morning in tears and laboring, wheezing and sputtering just to take a breath. We called our local clinic and they couldn't get us in until near 11 so I threw Brody in the car and headed to CR to the nearest urgent care clinic. Seriously, how did we survive without these before?! I was trying to avoid spreading his cough and mucous all around the clinic, but the wait was long and I broke down and let him play with the toys. Dr said that he has bronchiolitis (I'm sure I butchered that) a viral lung infection of the small bronchial and an ear infection to boot. So we were sent home with a nebulizer, steroids, albuterol and antibiotics. Fun times. The albuterol makes Brody shake and the steroids make him wired....he acts like a wind up doll on speed. Hopefully he'll be able to nap this afternoon or someone might get hurt.

Baylor was up from 1am to 5am in bed with me.....tossing, turning, talking, playing and asking me to blow his nose. Not cool. He too has a nasty cold, but I'm sure he'll survive. His ear tubes have fallen out so I'm sure this will be followed by a nice round of ear infections as well. Isn't the cold and flu season supposed to start in November? Maybe we'll get all of this junk out of the way before the winter. The funny part is we don't go anywhere and they're not in day care..... so when Jesus said love you enemies.....our enemies seem to lie in the Church nursery in the form of germs! I'm sorry but I just can't bring myself to love them.....and there shall be NO finger pointing or blaming anyone...that's just rude. Everyone has germs!

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Jill Kapfer said...

Everyone may have germs, but church nurseries have more germs than anywhere else. It got so bad that I refused to put Abbie in the nursery for awhile and I won't let Jonah anywhere near the place!

How's Brody doing with the nebulizer? Abbie was on one for a really long time, she hated it. She was on it so much, we now own one! Aren't we lucky? :)

Good luck...you'll make it through! As my mom would tell me: wash your hands a lot! :)