Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kicking the wall

That is what Baylor is currently doing right now because he is in his room for "nap" time and refuses to even try to close those baby blues. I've been up there twice...once to tell him a story about dolphins and the other to threaten him within an inch of his life because his little brother is sleeping next door. I can hear him singing now and he claims he isn't tired....bologna! He almost fell asleep in the ten minute car ride from church. Maybe it was all the dancing we did before nap time? Veggie Tales Boyz in the's great, but only if you listen to it within reason and not every single day.

Brody is really starting to get his own personality and amazing hair. That's right, his hair is so thick and wavy and just plain great. He will be the envy of all the boys and girls will want to run their fingers through his hair. Of course it will be his wife whom I have specifically chosen for him and she will have to endure a 987 question questionnaire just to go on one date with him....anyways...I digress. So he is speaking a little more and says a few words like: shoe (zschu) cheese (scheeze) dog (du) woof (wo wo) uh oh (uh uh oh) meow (meeeeeew) and he is signing more and please, but instead of rubbing his hand on his chest (which is please) he rubs it on my leg or my chest. I love the signing because it helps with the whole, "I can't tell you what I want so I will throw myself on the floor in a puddle of scream" issue and is a great transition into speaking more clearly. Baylor signed until he could talk, which was pretty early and then he just wouldn't shut his mouth :) I think Brody, as most second born kids do, will be a little delayed in the speaking. Baylor likes to take it amongst himself to talk for him. I'll say, "Brody, say dog" and Baylor will yell from across the room,, "DOG!" Is your name Brody? Umm, no. It's okay, I used to talk for my little brother until I went to preschool. He hadn't said more than two words when one morning when I was gone he walked up to the refrigerator door, pounded on it and said, "I want bacon and eggs!" Apparently since three year olds are mind readers too, I had been telling my mom he wanted Rice Crispies every morning for breakfast. He was pretty fed up with that cereal :)

Today is a busy shouldn't's SUNDAY!!! Here is what I have to do today:
1. I have to copy the scores for all of our brass band pieces in multiple, blow them up to 8x10, three hole punch them, put them in a binder and number every other measure. I have to do this at Cornell because they have fast copy machines.
2. Finish the Mt.Laundrymore
3. Finish the dishes that keep breeding in my sink
4. Prime the enormous piece of Masonite for the traveling mural project in which I have been elected to paint....gee thanks band.
5. Think about what to have for dinner
6. Pick up...for the 35th time
7. Put laundry away if it gets finished
8. Make a dessert for our bible study
9. Do my bible study lesson in which I have put off until the last second
10. GO to bible study
11. Have our handy man come look at our leaking tub that leaked through the first floor on to the wood floor last night and is now going to cost us a lot of money in which we do not have.
12. Pray about the tub that is broken and hope that we can win the lottery without playing the lottery
13. Eat something...did I have lunch? can't remember...must not have...I'm starving!!

Okay, done whining for now. I just wish I could forget everything and take a nap...which would never happen in a million years. I like to stay busy, but not on Sunday. Wish me luck!!

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Janice said...

Ahh yes, the leaky tub syndrome w/ no funds, right in that boat with you. Our tub has developed a nice crack in the fiberglass, so currently no baths are allowed, fortunately for us (and everyone else) showers are ok, the water in the bottom doesnt quite reach the crack for a shower.