Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor day, true to it's name...and cake photos!!!

Smile you're three!!!

Blowing out his candles.

This has to be one of the best photos of Brody ever.....

Playing with his new train set...we had to pry it out of his little hands at bedtime.

This morning with his future wife at the Lisbon Fireman's breakfast...which also was a milk and egg flinging disaster...I'll indulge more later

Ta da! The cake. Pretty cool....ummm, not that edible, but cool. He loved it.

We worked sooo hard on the three fingers's hard to get those three fingers to work together!!!

...and opening presents.


Andrea G. said...

Oh Keri... I LOVE THE CAKE! The track is so creative and I am sure he loved having extra goodies inside the cake! Using the Thomas car was a very good idea! Did you cut it apart or sink in the wheels?

Alissa Philipp said...

You are the best mommy ever to even attempt that cake! It turned out fabulous!