Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Me: 0 Pride: 1


Painting the porch windows yesterday I discovered that stepping on to a certain barrel full of flowers that looked firm....was certainly not. In fact, it was rotten and I proceeded to fall through the barrel...the barrel fell backwards and wanting to protect my precious can of flat white house paint, I tried to catch myself with my left arm, avoiding the pointy flag and sharp rocks. Soooooo laying in the yard with my bottom half scraped and bruised and in a barrel (seriously, am I on candid camera?) upper half spread out and covered with paint (however I did manage to save most of the paint!) I laid in the yard waiting for a car to pass by and yell, "hey, are you okay" or "hey stupid, that barrel is rotten!!!" but they did not so I was safe from all people passing by. I managed to escape without a broken bone or skull fracture but ended up with a majorly sore right arm (in which I cannot raise above my head or even lift a hair brush) and some sexy bruises on the legs along with some scratched from nails. I will live. My pride however is a little bruised. I'm sure you would have laughed if you saw me, because I would have laughed if I could watch me...BUT, I am not laughing now. I am popping Advil and praying the neighbors didn't have their windows open.

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