Friday, September 26, 2008

Naked soccer

Might as well give him a pudding pop when he's covered in grass and dirt already.
Look mom, war paint.
He is so LONNIE's child.
Finally finished my music chair. Our handyman helped cut the seat and I finished the decoupage. Not sure where it's going to go, but I saved the chair's life none the less.
Nothing like a little shot of tushie.
....and here
This kid will eat an entire apple....core and all!
As annoying as she is, Macey is still the cutest beagle on the block.
Practicing the iron cross for the Olympics...if he doesn't win track and field, he'll bring home gold in gymnastics.


Janice said...

If only as we grow our tushies could remain that cute. Gani and Baylor would be a good pair, just took a pic of her today with Cherry Dilly Bar all over her face, think Ronald McDonalds grin.

Crazy Mom said...

Those boys are darn cute. Love the pics...

PS Watch out for Carnies when you visit St. Charles. Who knew they had police records????
(a non too humorous reference to the stabbing incident that delayed my sisters surgery).

Andrea G. said...

What fun pictures! Do you have a recipe for the pudding pops? Is it just pudding and then freeze them?