Friday, September 5, 2008

Stripping stinks

Furniture people, furniture!!!

I inherited a beautiful antique cedar trunk from Grandma Koser, but it was in pretty rough shape. It needs some major TLC and stripping of the old varnish and stain. The wood underneath is gorgeous and if I can get through the layers of nasty, it will be pretty. You know me, can't wait to start a new project and it has to be done the second I think of it. Soooo, I threw the kiddos in good old Bessie and ran to Menards where I did not "save big money." I bought some "magic" stripper (believe me, it has done NO magic so far, only created toxic sludge) and some fancy stripping tools (which I will need 15 more at the rate I'm going) I'm not quite sure what I got myself into but half of the trunk is now slimy green ooze that can't possibly be good for anyone or anything. I have a pounding headache from fumes and my hands are tingling because of the latex in the rubber gloves. Hmmmmmm. I can hear Lonnie laughing now. I am going to do a good job and stick it out, it may take many many bottles of oozing stripper, but I'll finish it!!! STRIPPING SUCKS.

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