Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why yes I am a dork.

There's no hiding it anymore. Almost all of my dorkiness secrets are out. I am a true blue band nerd, love classical music, get excited about playing Trivial Pursuit and my latest dorky out of the closet secret is that I love antiques. Yes, you heard me. A 27 year old mother of two who loves old things...weird. My Grandma Koser passed away when I was in high school and her daughter (my aunt Karen) has been keeping all of her antiques in storage. She invited me over to pick through some stuff and I hit the mother load. Some of you may think I have completely gone off the deep end (including my husband) but when you can't afford to buy things to decorate your house, anything free and cool is like Christmas in July...or August. So I got an entire set of good China and 8 antique tea cups (I'm totally stoked to have a tea party now) some green serving dishes, a sweet red pitched, weird blue tea pot, a sterling silver coffee server, plate and cups and some amazing quilts. I made sure before I decorated with them that our house wasn't turning into a old folks home. I am always looking for new and creative ideas to do with old things and of course things that I find on the street corner. I guess I can attribute my creativity or thrifty nature to my mom. She always told us we could do anything and taught us how to make something out of nothing. Way to go mom.

I think the birthday high has worn off, however Baylor is still in love with his trains. He also got some cool construction equipment and that is his second choice when the trains need to rest. He told us on Sunday that, " Mom and Dad, I'm so happy today." We're so blessed to have great friends and relatives that helped make Baylor's (and Brody's) birthday great.

I haven't showered today...just in case you were curious. 1. It's so humid out 1.5 I'm being lazy 2. I like the crazy hair look...whoa, speaking of crazy hair. Hello mullet. I have one. Trying to grow my hair out and it's DRIVING ME BONKERS. I have this weird long in the back stranger layer won't do anything do. BONKERS I tell you. Why does growing your hair out have to be such a painful process. It ranks right up there with ingrown toenails and scrubbing the bathtub after a kid pooed in it.

Here is Baylor and Brody squirting their dad with the hose yesterday. Kind of a last hurrah to summer. I LOVE fall. My favorite season of all...can't wait!!


the Broffitts said...

I want to see some picture of the old stuff. Also, I showered today and even blow dried my hair because it was the first day of schoo. It was a waste of time. The church isn't air conditioned and you'd never know that I dried my hair today.

Andrea G. said...

I want to see a picture of the mullet!

Janice said...

I dont think it is dorky, I love that stuff too! I agree, I would love to see some pics of the :new" stuff!