Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday (boo!)

Hallelujah! (my mom used to throw us Hallelujah parties instead of Halloween parties) So Hallelujah, it's Friday and Halloween. Time for flashback Friday photos brought to you by the letter S. S is for SNOT...which is flowing in great abundance from Brody's a river of snot....mmmmm. This photo was taken last year for Halloween. Brody was just a few months old. The photo from below is from little bro Kort's wedding (I was lucky enough to get my hands on their wedding photos! woo hoo)

Soooooo it's 70 degrees at the end of October, an almost perfect day for stealing candy from my kids. I have it all planned....they go and look cute as complete strangers fill their bags with teeth rotting white poison....and then I make my move. Smuggle all of the chocolate out of their bags when they sleep and blame it on the dogs. It's brilliant I tell you. My mom and I are taking the boys downtown Lisbon for "Halloween Town" where they block off a block downtown and the shops decorate and pass out candy. It's perfect for little midgets like mine. We're they toting the dog and tiger to her neighborhood (so I can hide from the trick or treaters...hey, we live on main street and it's a small fortune to contribute to their teeth rotting!) Fun times. Lonnie is gone, Brody is times all around.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday

Someone sent me these questions as a forward, but I feel the need to share on the blog, why not? It's Thoughtful Thursday don't you know! So lets be thoughtful shall we?

Four places that I go to over and over: Church, my mailbox, coffee shop and Goodwill

Four people who e-mail me (regularly): Lonnie, Alan (fellow band nerd) the lovely people at facebook and (I swear, you buy one thing and they stalk you forever and ever)

Four places I love to eat: My bed...wait, oh a restaurant, got it....Jimmy Johns, Olive Garden, Chick Fillet (mmm waffle fries!) My mom and dad's house but only when they serve steak...just kidding, I love anything mom :)

Four places I would rather be right now: in the shower (I definitely don't smell like roses after mowing) at the movies with Lonnie, the library ALONE, did I mention the shower?

Four people I think may respond: Well, since I broke the rules and posted it on the blog maybe Andrea, Jill, Hoefer or Diane...I have no idea.

Four TV shows I watch: Dude, I'm lucky if I get four channels! Sid the Science Kid (it's on when lunch preparation is very necessary!) Jeopardy (Alex Trebec intrigues me) Grey's Anatomy when I'm home on a Thursday and Fox news, never would have guessed that eh?

So now, I'm going to add my own for a nice little twist...and to prolong my showering, because who doesn't love sitting in the living room in their underwear?!

Four people you'd like to hide in a small room with rubber walls: Richard Simmons (he scares the poo out of me) George Stephenopolous or Snuffleuppagous as we call him in these parts, Nancy Pelosi and whoever has been messing with my yard signs.

Four things you are thankful for in the kitchen: Paper towels, paper plates (sorry tree huggers) silicone spoonula (brilliant I tell you) and of course the wine opener.

Four costumes you went as for Halloween: A horse (only about 15 times) A garbage can, an injured army medic and last night I was a basket of dirty laundry.

Four things that have almost maimed your child: licking outlet, running with scissors, standing on slippery wagon and his brother Baylor.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall trees: The naked truth

Here are some fall leaf photos that I took. Interested in a few prints? Let me know...seriously. They'd make lovely Christmas gifts.

So sad. Naked trees are depressing....thoughts of cold, icy, snowy, stuck inside winter....makes me want to roll in the leaves one more time, save the beautiful colors in my memory banks and think warm thoughts. I do however love fall, it's my favorite season, but it's far too short. Another big bonus of this blustery weather we've been having (actually today is amazing!) it acted like one gigantic leaf blower (ours just conveniently broke by the way) and blew all the leaves into a nice pile on the side of the house....and in our neighbors yard, sorry about that Millie....I'll send Baylor right over with a rake.

A few friends and I have been brainstorming cheap and creative Christmas gift ideas. We've come up with a few good ones, but I'm still in need of some more! So that's where you come any ideas for grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters (all without kiddos) and neighbors. I'm all ears....or eyes, whatever. They can be homemade or they can be inexpensive, I'm down with anything. I want to start early and not have to worry about last minute scrambling.

Also, I'm creating another blog just for my art and fabric so you can look, admire, dislike or even buy if you want! I really need to sell some art in order to buy supplies to make new art. I love making personalized things so I do take special orders. I'll let you know when I get that up and running....I need to edit some photos. I'm also trying to save up for a nice SLR camera so I can start taking photos for people (graduation, babies, family) It's something I've always wanted to get into, but with a cheapo camera isn't quite possible....someday! :) I also want to get some stuff on etsy (like ebay but for handmade beauty) but I'll need some help with that Diane!! So lots of talk, we'll see if I can get my bootie in gear.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Destroyer: Part deux

Here are the tiny toes.....covered in black paint......
...and then the tiny black footprints all over the kitchen floor heading into the living room....

...and the spill, which this photo does NO justice...I had just frantically scooped up all the paint with my hands and sloshed it back into the can. Dear Lord, help me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brody Speidel: Destoryer of all things

We've lovingly dubbed Baylor the poo flinger and Brody's new nickname will soon be "the destroyer" This loving name so wonderfully encapsulates all that is Brody.....and all he destroys. Let me give you an example of that this child did within TWO hours of waking up.

1. While I was taking a shower, he dumped an entire box of bath salt stuff....they were blue, in case you were wondering, all over the bathroom the toilet and all over the rug. Now, these bad boys don't vacuum up very well...but the floor needed a good scrub down anyways. Now who doesn't love to step out of the shower on to crunchy blue me me!

2. He unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper....and ate chunks. They say fiber is good, but I was thinking more along the lines of whole wheat toast.

3. He got into the cabinet, pulled out the Tupperware container of soap and dumped it on the freshly mopped floor. Maybe he just has a fascination with all things clean.

4. I am priming the chairs so I can finish painting them today and I made a blockade...which obviously failed miserably, so he couldn't mess with the chair. So I turn around to Baylor yelling, "mom, look at Brody" and ignore him because he's starting that tattle tale phase, and no one likes a tattle tale....should have listened though! Brody is taking his truck and rolling it all over the freshly primed chair seat and then proceeds to roll it up his much for new shirt. This is why you can never find boy clothes at garage sales.

5. He got into Lonnie's shorts drawer and one by one took all of the shorts out and lovingly tossed them down the stairs....and then laughed an evil laugh. If this is all it takes to amuse him, I'm all game. He then started moving in on the underwear and sock drawer....and let me tell you a little secret about my husband. Shhhhhh. He is mister anal man when it comes to few things, the budget, his job and his sock drawer! The man folds (I'm a roller myself) his socks neatly and then lines them up according to size, dressy or athletic. Hello nerd pants. This is why I married him though...I thought the analness (I also made that word up) would carry through to other parts of his life....umm, nope.

6. I had him sitting in a big boy chair at the table this morning and went into the other room to change the laundry over, when I returned he was ON the table pulling out my fresh flowers one by one and throwing them on the floor. Half monkey, I swear.

7. At the library this morning, in a span of 3.4 seconds, he has pulled the entire bottom shelf on DVD's on to the floor. So much for Dewey decimal....

8. He fed his lunch to the dogs and then that evil laugh reappeared!!

9. After vacuuming his room, he dumped the baby powder which dad forgot to seal, on the floor.

10. He has never worn a real winter coat and after I struggled for a few minutes to try to tackle his little hiney to the the most loving and careful way possible mind you, he throws the mother of all fits, arching his back and flailing about....only to knock over the shoes. He finally gives in and realizes that it's not coming off. Like a rabid monkey I tell you.....

Now mister smarty pants isn't even 15 months old yet but he is a smart one. He doesn't talk yet (just in his own language and a few select signs) and his mischievous nature has spiraled out of control. If this is what his toddler hood is going to be like, the baby making stops here!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Better hands

I love this song. We are always in HIS hands, better hands.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Me? Depressing? No....

It's never to early to start.....

From the outside looking in, I have my flaws. Actually from the inside looking might think I'm crazy. I have been told that this blog is many things....funny, witty, charming, honest, transparent but never depressing...until last night. Now, usually things like this roll off my back and I dispose of them in my little "comments to dispose of " compartment of my memory bank. If you don't have one of those compartments, you really should find yours, it's brilliant. Now granted, the person it came from is at the polar opposite of what my life is now, but needless to say it struck a chord. I would like to defend my honor and glory and possible sanity on this issue by saying that I tell it like it is. Yes, I have two beautiful children whom I adore and love more than anything and I love the place in my life where I am now. I wouldn't have it any other way and I wouldn't want to be in the work force right now, my place is raising my children and of course being a domestic goddess. Yes, there are days...heck, almost everyday is some new challenge that I've never encountered before and have to devise a brilliant plan to get myself out of it. For example, if someone were to tell me that last week I would have to deal with a sleep walker and baby puke, I would have laughed....BUT I did....and I survived. Being a mom isn't pretty sometimes and there are days that are flat out depressing. I don't fluff things up, sugar coat or put on my fairy wings to make you think that motherhood is a cakewalk....I believe I will get an AMEN from a few other mamas in the house. This is the life God has planned for me without regret and I learn as I go...flying by the seat of my pants most days. I hope I don't come across as angry, upset or hating my job, because I don't. I love every second of it even if you might think I need to be admitted to a nut house. I also believe that some of your nice folks don't get my humor and just think I'm crazy . Just to clarify, I don't do drugs, I bathe regularly and I'm not selling my kids on ebay.....yet. To an outsider cleaning, cooking and diapering may seem depressing but it's not. Just like I think filing, answering phones and deadlines are depressing. I hope a glimpse into our lives will do a number of things including make someone smile, make them think and make them use birth control for a few more years.....just joking. I pay a price for the transparency but it's worth it. So read on, even if you think I'm a tad on the blue side.

So here is a photo of the boys next to the table I just finished refinishing. Hours of sanding, stripping and painting and I'm very pleased. It looks brand new and is so much better than the old one. I did it on a whim of ADD influenced adrenaline....hey, is that an apple? Where was I......

Table. Oh yea. Working on the chairs next, they'll be shiny black to match. Oh yea, and yes...that's a juice box....I know what you're thinking....just stop it.

So it's that time again.....the Friday 15. I was trying to think of some creative questions to ask you (then you can cut and paste into your blog if that is what you fancy) so here you go....answer away. My answers are in caps.

1. If you could be a cartoon character or super hero for one day, who would it be? WONDER WOMAN..HELLO!? BOOBS.

2. What was the most valuable thing you owned as a teenager? MY TRUMPET...I KNOW, I KNOW, BUT I CRIED WHEN I GOT IT....A GOOD CRY THOUGH. THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR MAKING ME THE DORK I AM TODAY.

3. If you were just given a large boat, what would you name it? SS NAPTIME





8. Weirdest food you've ever eaten? CHILI FLAVORED CRICKETS


10. If you owned a cd radio, what would your "handle" be? 10-4 RUBBER DUCKY

11. What article of clothing best describes your personality? WORN OUT JEANS WITH PAINT, HOLES AND SCUFFS BUT THEY MAKE YOUR BUTT LOOK INCREDIBLY SEXY




15. Smooth of chunky peanut butter. SMOOTH BABY

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guess what?


Note to self: Do not teach your three year old this phrase unless you want it repeated at comletely inappropriate and embarassing times. Capish? Hey, I thought it was funny...and if used in the correct setting can be hilarious....just not when you're around church folk who don't understand your humor. So add CHICKEN BUTT to the list of growing crazy words you kid has said at church..along with BOOGER FACE and SHAKE YOUR BOOTY. Sometimes I just wonder....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dance party at my house

Someone once asked me if I got bored being a stay at home mom. My first instinct was to slap them across the face, but I refrained for that would not be a very Jesus like thing to do eh? If they could only see a day in the life of any stay at home mom (or part time stay at home mom!) their jaw would drop and they would run for the hills. No really, they'd probably laugh too. The phrase, "if you only knew" comes to mind. An example of this might be the super excellent dance party that me and the boys had in our living room this morning. I didn't get any cardio yesterday so I needed to get my heart pumping so I put on the dance music and grabbed a kid (a great weight....but they wiggle too much) We danced up a storm, ran around the kitchen and did sit ups baby. What a wonderful workout without leaving the house. I'm glad the blinds were shut because the neighbors would be talking. (Speaking of neighbors...leave my sign alone punks! )

Today was...wait, it's still today isn't it...geesh, IS still icky and rainy and a great day to watch a movie. I would like to take this moment and make sure all of you do not feel guilty about putting in a movie ONCE IN A WHILE for your kids to watch. 1. You're not going to hell, maybe purgatory but not hell 2. As long as it's not scary, bloody or has lots of boobies and has been previewed by your bad self, I think it's okay 3. If it's only once in a while on a rainy day, don't feel guilty! Yes, t.v in excess is bad and t.v with violence is bad and t.v for little ones is bad...BUT once in a while it's okay!

Alright. Two screaming kids after a half hour nap is NOT cool. This could be a long day.......

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Barking up a tree...

Fun times with shaving cream. Cheap, easy, fun and a great alternative to hair gel. Love the cross eyes Brody man.

So I look out my window this morning and see two dogs going crazy at one of our lilac bushes. Then I see a little boy jumping up and down and venture out to see what all the fuss is about. When I open the door, hear "ruff ruff ruff ruff woof woof woof grrrrrr" and see Baylor, along with the dogs, barking at a squirrel that has climbed up in the tree. Check it out, it's hilarious.

Bedtime has become such a struggle with Baylor. He was a horrible sleeper as a baby and toddler and we thought he FINALLY grew out of his bad sleeping habits....but we were wrong. He has been throwing major crying fits at bedtime (which wakes up his little brother and then we have two screaming children) Once we get him to bed he insists on a story and then "go get (fill in the blank)" along with more crying. He then wakes up at night around midnight crying for someone to get him and we run in there because we don't want him to wake little bro. Let me correct that....I run in there and get him, Lonnie doesn't remember a thing. What is it with men and sleeping like rocks. If someone looks cross eyed at me, I sit straight up in bed. Just when we think one kid is getting it, the other one starts some weird sleeping jags. I know a lot of you are going through rough patches and sleep issues with your kiddos and I feel your pain. When I was going through a multitude of issues with Baylor and his sleeping, I was reminded that I was clinging to sleep and it was becoming a threshold for me. I was almost making it my idol, because if I didn't get it, I would be so upset. I was being selfish about my sleep. Now, I love sleeping and I NEED sleep...a good eight hours baby, so when a kid takes that away from me, it's hard not to hold a grudge secretly in my brain. I've learned to live off of little sleep and give the issues up to God. I know that someday I will get sleep again and right now my kids need me. Someday they won't need me and will want me to drop them off a block from school. So when I'm crawling over Lonnie in the middle of the night and squeezing myself into a bed with Pooh, Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber and my little Baylor, I have to remind myself of the most wonderful words in the world.


Monday, October 20, 2008

No wonder I'm always sick....

Hey, it's me...Brody. My mom is too busy cleaning today (thanks for me and big brother Baylor aka the mini tornadoes) so she asked me to write a little diddy. I wanted to talk about how cute I am, but thought that maybe you'd get bored hearing about my absurd cuteness. Instead, I decided to enlighten you with reasons why I am always sick. (knock on wood...I'm healthy today!) So here I go:

1. Two days ago my mom found me in the bathroom. I had taken all of the toilet paper off of the roll and stuffed into the toilet. I then decided it was so much fun to splash and take the wet toilet paper out of the toilet and EAT IT!!!!! Mmmmm good. Who doesn't love a good case of ecoli? Needless to say, she was not amused.

2. I have this fascination with putting things in my, let me give you some examples. Ummmm the bottom of Baylor's shoe (tasted just groovy to me) the dog's water dish, dog food, a plastic cup that I fished out of the garbage can, the garbage can itself, partially chewed gum, rocks, sticks and a snot rag that someone dropped on the floor. Oh yes, how could I forget licking the playground equipment...nothing like the feel of cold plastic on your tongue.

3. I am deeply entertained by splashing water. Any water won't do, it has to be toilet water....and after I splash in it...I must quickly lick my fingers before anyone can stop me. Man, I'm fast.

4. Dog poop. Hey, it was squishy and felt pretty cool. I haven't mastered the art of poo flinging, but my big brother told me he'll teach me real soon. I can't wait.

5. I like to lick all of the toys in the Church nursery. They're not fun to play with but boy are they fun to lick. Hello hand, foot and mouth disease!

Well, that's all I can think of right now. I'm off to find new and exciting germs to investigate and infect my body with. I love going to the Dr. office and plan on making it a monthly adventure. Maybe a frequent visit punch card would be in order? Now about this cute thing....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Snoring mosters and sleep walkers

Just when you think your kids are FINALLY getting the hang of sleeping through the night something happens. Illness or some other strange thing like monsters in the closet, under the bed and of course there is always SLEEP WALKING!! Last night, Baylor was so exhausted from the day spent with Grandma Kris (who spent the whole day with the boys while I had my brass band clinic, yes I know...dork-o-rama) He missed his nap...okay, he didn't miss it, he just refused to sleep. Went to bed kicking, screaming and wailing and finally fell asleep.....until I heard a huge thump against the east wall and then crying. I thought it came from outside and was disoriented while being startled out of a deep sleep (the snoring monster was not in the room at this point) so my first reaction was to look out the window. Someone had stolen our yard sign earlier that night and I was on the hunt for intruders (we found the sign by the way...long story) Anyways, I ran into his room where I found him all the way across the room by Brody's crib and against the wall. He had a cut on his chin and was so disoriented. Either he fell out of bed and was trying to get back in and couldn't see, or he was sleep walking and ended up banging his chin into the rocking chair. Either way, it was a rough night....including a snoring monster (aka Lonnie) in my bed. I'm hoping it was because he was so tired and it is a once in a blue moon occurrence and I've concluded that I will not sleep well until both boys are married....and then I'll probably just worry about them even more!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy hair night

Happy face.
Mean face.
Suprised face.
Sexy beast face.
Thanks folks, I'll be here all night....
Making sure I did an okay job mopping the floors
Sporting the crazy hair for Awana....complete with lots and lots of hair gel.
I caught him totally checking himself out in the reflection of the t.v. BUSTED. Funny thing is I caught his dad doing the same thing just the other day :)

Dancing man is sick

They get their dance moves from their mother :)

This is pre-sickness....whatever that strange fever crying virus is. Dude, I seriously HATE cold/flu/random weird childhood illness season...and it's not even November yet. I think we'll just get all of our gunk over with and be done with it, alright? No one is ever going to want to hang with us or come into our house because we're always ill. The funny thing is, we don't go anywhere so we must be breeding this stuff in the house somewhere. Okay, I take that back..I'm blaming this strange illness on Lindale Mall's germ infested play area. Next time we will be sporting rubber gloves and masks....or even better...the body suits like in the movie Outbreak...excellent. Do you think they make those in child size? Long story short. Brody had a high fever last night and this morning....puked in his bed (from coughing) and is the world's crankiest baby. I didn't even notice the puke (thought I smelled something) until I went to lay him back in his bed and put my hand in it....mmmmmmm. So Brody man resided with us, groaning and moaning and tossing and turning ALL NIGHT LONG....along side of his daddeyo who snored right through all of this. I am giving my total sleep count maybe three hours tops. Got to love double shot espressos at fuel. We went to the Dr. (starting our punch cards early this year) and no strep, no ear infection, just a virus and teeth.....seriously, teeth!? My money was on the ears, looks like we'll be doping for the rest of the week. Hurrah for Tylenol and ibuprofen cocktails. It is sunny outside though, thank you Jesus! I'm off to shower....looking mighty scary in my hat. Maybe a bubble bath to wash away stress. Oh yea, remember the broken tub? Mike (Lonnie's dad) and Lonnie bought this epoxy boat/hot tub crack sealer for a whopping $3 and fixed the crack! Saving us a total of $800....another praise God. (Janice, you have to try this stuff!)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Five things you hate to admit

So, I have been "tagged" by Kim. Tagged you ask? The post subject is FIVE THINGS YOU HATE TO ADMIT. Here goes.

1. I hate putting on real clothes in the morning. I would stay in sexy sweats and t shirts all day long if permitted. Not like it's against the law, but the act of getting showered and putting myself together seems to motivate me to do other wonderful tasks around the house.

2. I love fast food. No joke. McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's are a few of my favorites. I know it's horribly unhealthy and I guess since I never eat there, it makes going out of greasy fries even more delectable. I can eat a whole whopper too....I'm proud of that one.

3. I am not as confident as I may seem. I have a huge inferiority complex and struggle with self esteem issues almost everyday....even if you think I'm in love with my rear.

4. No matter how hard I clean or how much I vacuum, there is still freakin dog hair ALL over my house...I hate it.

5. Lonnie makes better pancakes than me. (which coincidentally is what we're having for dinner tonight) Mine are always doughy in the middle (that is how I like them) and I flop them all over the place. Go Lonnie.

Okay, so I'm going to tag Jen, Laura, Jill and Andrea. Go ladies go!

Today is dreary. My boys are SUPER cranky. SUPER may be a slight under exaggeration....this weather must be rubbing off on them. I want to run and hide in a warm blanket. Brody has been crying all morning and I finally put him down at 12:30 only for him to awaken an hour later crying again. Baylor is crying in the other room because he is not tired....but really he's so exhausted that he doesn't know what hit him. It's only 1:30 and both boys are raging balls of crank. ( do I really have an entire afternoon of this?...dear Lord) I think the baby monitor is going to accidental get turned off.....or thrown into the garbage. I have a baby monitor addiction by the way, just ask Lonnie.
So we all have days like this yes?
We all have days where we could erupt at any moment at the slightest sign of annoyance. Erupt in anger and frustration. Anger is not warranted and is not right, but it happens. It happens to the best, happiest, most disgustingly perfect mothers. I won't be the first mom to admit that she's yelled and I won't be the first to admit that I've felt awful afterwards. Sometimes we just don't know how to deal with behaviors or situation and it comes out in the form of anger. Sometimes we don't know where the heck it comes from, but it's there haunting us. It's like we're not allowed to get angry.
YES, we do have days like this. We are not bad mothers, we are entitled to a little frustration here and there. We are not angry mothers and we LOVE our children so much it's coming out our eyeballs. BUT, there are days like today though.
So I guess this would make #6 on my list.

6. I get angry sometimes.

Now, speaking of love. I had the best time with the boys last night as we all laid in our bed together. Both boys had on their footie blanket sleepers and Lonnie read books while Brody tried to eat the pages. It ended up being one big wrestle mania...nothing like wrestle mania before bedtime to calm them down. I loved every second of it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

and today's conviction is.......

Someone has been sleeping in my bed....

This just makes you want to laugh doesn't it?
Oh yes, I am the cute one
Our first day of raking the leaves....even if it was 78 degrees out!
Where's Baylor?
....and they're STILL THERE! That is what happens when you let daddeyo put kiddos to bed...they end up taking over your bed. So I spent last night with my feet sticking out of a John Deere tractor blanket and Winnie the Pooh as a bed mate, conditions were less from ideal. Lonnie and Baylor both fell asleep in our bed and I decided that I'd better not disturb...actually, I tried but to no avail. I'm definitely not down with the whole "family bed" thing....dude, I want my bed back. Tonight will be a different story...everyone in their own beds!

So I've started a bible study on Monday nights with a few other women just down the street. It's on 1 Peter and I'm really looking forward to it. It starts at 7:30 so Brody is in bed already and Baylor is easy to get to bed...except when he steals mine! I've really been lacking some deep bible study lately and most of that is my fault. I tried to make up excuses for not going to this study, but ended up being lead back to it and I'm so thankful. The women are all ages with all different personalities and that makes it even better. I left feeling so filled last night and we didn't even start the first lesson. It's amazing what a few godly women can do together....that is besides laugh about the silliest things and talk about their children :) I know God will do great things.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Deep breath...and release

Look at this face.....
...and then look at this face :) Awwwww
I never get my picture taken because I'm always behind the camera so I had to put this one in.
Here are BOTH sets of grandparents and the only grandkids (so far) on both sides!
What cute mom rocks. Hello, remind me not to wear horizontal stripes again!!
Grandpa Mike with Brody and Grandma Lila on a walk to the water.
Brody wanted to jump in the lake, Lonnie was holding him back.
I'm not sure what they're looking at, but it's sure cute!

What a wonderful week of crazy fun times with Lonnie's parents. We were so blessed to have them come visit us. They spoiled us by buying us some groceries (truly a HUGE blessing!) fixing and painting things, doing the dishes, helping clean (I'm in shock now because I have a sink of dirty dishes :) and of course spending time with the boys. Both of the boys were soaking up all the grandparent attention and Lonnie and I were glad to get a little break once in a while. It's hard for us knowing we won't get to see them until Christmas, but we understand and make sure the boys know that both sets of grandparents love them very much. It's also a hard thing for any mother in law (no matter who you are or what kind of relationship you have) to know exactly what to do...and it's even harder for the daughter in law to make sure she feels welcome while still trying to maintain the daily schedule and routine. There is a happy medium that has yet to be mastered. There's always the how much is too much and then the give and take....both of which I have yet to completely figure out. I have tried my hardest and have failed in many areas, because of my controlling and sometimes anal but quirky personality, I come across as being angry or upset a lot. So many apologies to anyone I have made feel that way. I was probably in one of my "zones" know, the one where I'm trying to discipline a child and figure out what to have for the same time. We all have our faults and I'm trying my hardest to make everyone feel loved. We enjoyed every second of the time that was spent and are looking forward to the next time.

So I find it amusing when people ask the "what else does Lonnie do?" question to me. I reply with...well, what else does Kirk Ferentz do (Iowa head coach)? When I tell people Lonnie is a head coach and assistant coach, the automatically assume that he must work two hours a day..carry a stopwatch around his neck and have lots of days off. Well, he's just a coach. A busy coach. Gone almost every weekend with a meet and then track and field preview days on Sunday and recruiting trips and recruiting calls and the list goes on. I don't think people realize how hard Lonnie works. For the next three months, Lonnie is traveling every Sunday night into Monday and sometimes Tuesday to high schools all over the state. He is doing recruiting visits and then again on Thursdays during the day. When he comes home at night he has calls and updating his database on the computer and finishing mailings. What a man. They don't pay him nearly enough :) He also spends wonderful time with his boys, sometimes forgoing dinner to play outside in the remaining daylight and getting down on his hands and knees to wrestle when he's exhausted. You never quite know what kind of a father your husband is going to be when you marry them, but I lucked out big time. I would never had guessed what an amazing job Lonnie is doing being a dad and a husband. God knows how to pick them doesn't he?

Okay, enough gut spilling for one day. Glad to be back in the blogosphere again! More photos coming soon...enjoy this amazing weather!!

Friday, October 10, 2008


At Kroul sweet little pumpkins.

Cornet mouthpieces.....ah the beauty of brass.

....more artsy fartsy

Get me down

Pickin some apples

(note: the bruise on his nose is from the sandbox lid)

Hello, I'm Bertha...I'd like to peck your eyes now

What a cute tushie....Brody's of course

It's that time of the week again. The Friday Fifteen. Today I will be amusing you with 15 photos (believe me..there's more) of our recent adventures with the grandparents, apple orchards, pumpkin patches and various other endeavors. Nothing like a good old fashioned dose of cuteness to end the work week....even though for some of us, the work week NEVER ends.