Thursday, October 2, 2008

The best $6.26 I ever spent

I can't believe he's a Cubbie (no pun intended) Here he is in his AWANA vest, ready for the night.

I just finished my mural project for the Cultural Cooridor of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. This will be part of a mural hanging at the Airport (yes, we have one in Iowa) and the malls. It was sponsored by The Eastern Iowa Brass Band hence the brass instruments all over the place. There are also a few little boy fingerprints hiding amongst the clouds.

Goodbye wet sand! Goodbye sand in every little boy crevice and on my floor! Why didn't I think of this earlier? I ditched the wet icky sand that was all over my house and invested $6.26 in two bags of river rock. We've only had one rock throwing incident and I'm sure I'll be cursing my decision when I mow over a rock and it goes flying through the window....but right now, I'm loving two boys playing together in a pile of rocks.

If this doesn't scream "old man".......flannel shirt, white sneaks with hiked up sweats...yea, baby!

Nothing like another photo op by the lead based paint on the old shed....

Safety first.

A sneak peek of Baylor's costume...he wanted it so badly (we can check them out of our library) but it's about three sizes too big. I'm sure it will change by Halloween.

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Andrea G. said...

The mural is BEAUTIFUL! How big is it?

I LOVE the rock in the sandbox idea! I have looked for a cheap sandbox all this spring during garage sales, but had no luck... maybe this fall!