Monday, October 27, 2008

Brody Speidel: Destoryer of all things

We've lovingly dubbed Baylor the poo flinger and Brody's new nickname will soon be "the destroyer" This loving name so wonderfully encapsulates all that is Brody.....and all he destroys. Let me give you an example of that this child did within TWO hours of waking up.

1. While I was taking a shower, he dumped an entire box of bath salt stuff....they were blue, in case you were wondering, all over the bathroom the toilet and all over the rug. Now, these bad boys don't vacuum up very well...but the floor needed a good scrub down anyways. Now who doesn't love to step out of the shower on to crunchy blue me me!

2. He unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper....and ate chunks. They say fiber is good, but I was thinking more along the lines of whole wheat toast.

3. He got into the cabinet, pulled out the Tupperware container of soap and dumped it on the freshly mopped floor. Maybe he just has a fascination with all things clean.

4. I am priming the chairs so I can finish painting them today and I made a blockade...which obviously failed miserably, so he couldn't mess with the chair. So I turn around to Baylor yelling, "mom, look at Brody" and ignore him because he's starting that tattle tale phase, and no one likes a tattle tale....should have listened though! Brody is taking his truck and rolling it all over the freshly primed chair seat and then proceeds to roll it up his much for new shirt. This is why you can never find boy clothes at garage sales.

5. He got into Lonnie's shorts drawer and one by one took all of the shorts out and lovingly tossed them down the stairs....and then laughed an evil laugh. If this is all it takes to amuse him, I'm all game. He then started moving in on the underwear and sock drawer....and let me tell you a little secret about my husband. Shhhhhh. He is mister anal man when it comes to few things, the budget, his job and his sock drawer! The man folds (I'm a roller myself) his socks neatly and then lines them up according to size, dressy or athletic. Hello nerd pants. This is why I married him though...I thought the analness (I also made that word up) would carry through to other parts of his life....umm, nope.

6. I had him sitting in a big boy chair at the table this morning and went into the other room to change the laundry over, when I returned he was ON the table pulling out my fresh flowers one by one and throwing them on the floor. Half monkey, I swear.

7. At the library this morning, in a span of 3.4 seconds, he has pulled the entire bottom shelf on DVD's on to the floor. So much for Dewey decimal....

8. He fed his lunch to the dogs and then that evil laugh reappeared!!

9. After vacuuming his room, he dumped the baby powder which dad forgot to seal, on the floor.

10. He has never worn a real winter coat and after I struggled for a few minutes to try to tackle his little hiney to the the most loving and careful way possible mind you, he throws the mother of all fits, arching his back and flailing about....only to knock over the shoes. He finally gives in and realizes that it's not coming off. Like a rabid monkey I tell you.....

Now mister smarty pants isn't even 15 months old yet but he is a smart one. He doesn't talk yet (just in his own language and a few select signs) and his mischievous nature has spiraled out of control. If this is what his toddler hood is going to be like, the baby making stops here!


Janice said...

Wow, that sounds like the destroyer sounds lke the perfect name. Try to enjoy it though, soon he will be a teen who hates everything you say and do and consider it all "stupid" and does things that break your heart, this will seem like small things then. That being said, I bet you can guess how our house is going, throw in spending a few hours in the emergency room for MYSELF for a kidney infection and the only med they can find (I'm allergic to everthing) I have to cut back on nursing and cost $118.00 AFTER insurance. That is after trying two other meds previously and the 18.00 for meds that wouldnt work for the strain of "bug" Did I mention that kind of illness is painful and draining? Oh yes, throw in a meeting with the HS Principal and a big old HAPPY Monday! I am sure thankful for the on and off sunshine though, and pop to help me make it through the sleepiness. Off to take that 12.00 pill.........

Janice said...

oh yes, forgot to mention that the "trip" also involved IV fluids, & a CT scan(to make sure it wasnt kidney stones) Cant wait for that bill those things are pricey!