Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dance party at my house

Someone once asked me if I got bored being a stay at home mom. My first instinct was to slap them across the face, but I refrained for that would not be a very Jesus like thing to do eh? If they could only see a day in the life of any stay at home mom (or part time stay at home mom!) their jaw would drop and they would run for the hills. No really, they'd probably laugh too. The phrase, "if you only knew" comes to mind. An example of this might be the super excellent dance party that me and the boys had in our living room this morning. I didn't get any cardio yesterday so I needed to get my heart pumping so I put on the dance music and grabbed a kid (a great weight....but they wiggle too much) We danced up a storm, ran around the kitchen and did sit ups baby. What a wonderful workout without leaving the house. I'm glad the blinds were shut because the neighbors would be talking. (Speaking of neighbors...leave my sign alone punks! )

Today was...wait, it's still today isn't it...geesh, IS still icky and rainy and a great day to watch a movie. I would like to take this moment and make sure all of you do not feel guilty about putting in a movie ONCE IN A WHILE for your kids to watch. 1. You're not going to hell, maybe purgatory but not hell 2. As long as it's not scary, bloody or has lots of boobies and has been previewed by your bad self, I think it's okay 3. If it's only once in a while on a rainy day, don't feel guilty! Yes, t.v in excess is bad and t.v with violence is bad and t.v for little ones is bad...BUT once in a while it's okay!

Alright. Two screaming kids after a half hour nap is NOT cool. This could be a long day.......

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